I Come From A Country Where Being A Christian Means Your Life Is Useless- MK

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Article sent in by one of our shepherds in India. He’s popularly known as Prophet MK Kenny who might have been moved by the incessant killings of innocent Christian brothers and sister in the North and other parts of the world to have written this. What do you think about it?

“I feel like writing this and I don’t care if you think otherwise. I am responsible for what I write and not how you relate it.

I come from a country somewhere in the western region of Africa, A country whose constitution allows freedom, equal right and justice but yet oppression, intimidation, injustice, inequality, Proselytism and phobia are the orders of the day. Citizens are forced to speak under duress or face unlawful detention by the DSS. A country where being a Christian in its Northern part simply means your blood is worthless and your life useless. A country where Democracy has been exchanged with autocracy yet the masses are made to believe its an agenda for change. A country where the masses are dying of hunger and starvation yet the President is flying out for vacation, the Vice President using over 250 Million Naira to build a gatehouse and the salaries of a minister per annum can feed a city. Even the supposed men of God are not left out of this epidemic as they too are busy acquiring massive wealth and gradually trading their heavenly goal for earthly gains thereby makings themselves god of men instead of men of God.

I weep for my country because the only freedom we now have is hunger, starvation, unlawful arrests and death.

Who will redeem my country from this trauma?”prophet-marvin-kenny-2

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  1. Bros poka says:

    Prophet egbe can rescue Nigerians from this economy mess

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