Contempt Of Court: Why EMF Lawyer Must Not Deny Kunle Hamilton

September 1, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

The last time the case between Rev EMF and the original BoT members under Baba Banjo’s case came for mention at the Federal High Court Ikoyi, Baba Banjo’s counsel indicted EMF and his team for breaching the order of the honorable court.

They were alleged for selling of anointment and even appointing people as members of MPIC but to the dismay of those in attendance, EMF’s lawyer, SAN Adewale Obafemi, responded that he was never aware of such and that his client would never have committed such an error.

It has now become glaring for all to see that Rev EMF and his entire crew are a team of liars who wish nor want anything good for the church.

The inserted image below is a letter from their kangaroo MPIC written by Kayode Ajala where he boldly addressed a certain Kunle Hamilton as MPIC, the same person EMF’s SAN denied before the court that he knew nothing about. I want to believe that the SAN would be kind and courageous enough to present and admit to the judge at the next court hearing that truly his client and their spiritual leader committed a huge blunder against the direct pronouncement of the court. The said Kunle Hamilton must not be denied now.

Failure to do that simply means he is putting his professional integrity up for questioning. For any legal luminary to attain the enviable status of SAN, it means such an awardee must have been found and proven to be trustworthy in everything that borders around the laws of the land and the pronouncement of the court which must not be disobeyed.

Here are opinions of meaningful Celestians on various social media platforms who woke up to see the memo from their media head.

“Can someone please find a job for Kayode Ajala? The Pastor in Council is now being ridiculed if all they now do is to announce dates of Parishes’ harvests.”

“Why are these people full of lies? I was in court when they told the Judge that Hamilton is not an MPIC member, today Ajala is telling everyone that they decided to lie to the judge and nothing can happen, this will be tendered in court.”


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