Continuation Of Why Oily Food And Pepper Are Not Allowed Inside The Church

August 5, 2022 / Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Regarding the publication on #cno about why food and pepper are not allowed inside the church in CCC, many Celestians are still in the dark about why they’re told not to bring food or eat food containing pepper into the church, but all most people know is that it’s just not allowed without any tangible reasons given to them.

In a way, everyone would understand why food with palm oil or pepper is not allowed in the church. There’s no spirituality attached to it, but inside the church, it is a place of respect, just like in our home where we have a dining table.

I don’t think anyone of us will allow our children to sit down in the sitting room and eat, if not in the dining room. In Papa’s words, “Aafin Olorun ni ijo Mimo je sugbon ile Olorun ni awon ijo yoku je.”

I have not seen, either in film or reality, where cooked food is taken into the palace before. Secondly, some of us in our homes have a special place kept aside for prayers. It might be a small room or a small portion of our room, but it is a place of respect. We don’t allow our children to reach the place because it is kept clean and holy for prayers and you wouldn’t want to mess up the place.

Allowing people to eat pepper inside the church will only mess up the church. And even the church premises is a place where angels are matched gently, which must be cleaned all the time.

We do eat food while in the church, like beans for the feast (ipese), but it must not contain pepper or oil. The CCC is the palace of God in which we must prohibit pepper and oil inside the sanctuary.


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