Couple Tied Inside Pineaple Found On The Atlantic Shoreline (Photos)

June 7, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / Add Comment »

The pictures in this article were found on the Atlantic shoreline by a Twitter user named Cl3rv3rly.

The dude saw pictures of a guy and a lady placed in pineapple and bound. What do we call this? Voodoo? Love charm? Spiritism? Or what?

The lady was accused to have been the one who might have charmed the man but what if it is the man in the pineapple that actually ‘jazz-up’ the lady? The situation here is dicey, we all can only make guesses and we can not apportion any blame or point accusing fingers at anyone because we weren’t in the picture when the whole thing started.

The hilarious part of this tale is where the guy that found it does say, “Some sweet juicy love is about to turn very bitter right now. Okay, now I will take it home, open it for 3 days and join it back after 3 days. They will fight for 3 days and love each other back for 3 days, na that one go sweet pass. Continues with the process.”

He also said, “I don get a new idea. Since I never find love I go just put my picture with Tems, Rihanna or Beyoncé inside the pineapple. Dem go begin to love me, small thing we don marry. Nice move. Or I go just replace pictures with PDP and APC presidential candidates.”

Not only that, but someone also said, “Replace the man’s picture with Davido’s to know if it works as he go use am sing.”

May God forgive this generation of youth!


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