Covenant University: Dirty Tales Of R@pe, Abortion Trail Christian Institution

November 22, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

A Christian University is supposed to be a god-fearing citadel. Students and staff members are supposed to be moral and display Christ-like attitudes. It’s, however, a shame whereby lecturers are r@ping girls after lectures in school/and as well aborting for them, if what we gathered recently is anything to be considered

Reports reaching #cno have it that a popular School in Ota area of Ogun State owned by Bishop Oyedepo, Covenant University, as alleged, has been trying all efforts to keep the ugly happenings in the school away from the Press but the truth can not be hidden for long.

According to a source, a student was reportedly r@ped, and such a case isn’t the first time or second, it has happened in that same Covenant University.  Here is a WhatsApp message sent to #cno about the incident.

It was said that the girl r@ped is still in a coma, and she has had a series of abortions for the Head of the student disciplinary council. Should a Christian University be found in such an act? No. If a Christian School is engaging in such a dirty and sinful act then it means such a school isn’t safe for students to study.

The Chat below was the report of how it went.

How true is this? Though, a lecturer one of the CNO Nationals had a chat with confirmed that there was truly an ongoing related case in the school which the management is already investigating. I hope things like this will be abolished totally for the sake of posterity.


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