Dancing And Playing Inside Satan Territory; Woe Betides Shepherds/Prophets Praying For Yahoo Boys

March 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 6 Comments »

olumide-solomon-ojoYou can never gain from wishy – washy Christianity (I can bet with my life) if you are a genuine born again Christian except you serve devil in your secret place.

Stop using your pastors, prophets and Shepherd’s behaviour etc as the yard stick of genuine born again Christian, most of them might have kissed the devil and they operate according to the direction given to them by Satan their evil god.

You cannot have the same Jesus i have and still pray for Yahoo-Yahoo boys and 419ners to excel in their trade! No! It’s impossible! You want to tell me it’s Jesus that answers such prayers; my God can never contradict Himself. Instead of you preaching the real God to them, all you are interested in is their 10% of their evil money, which god is that one for? Are you kidding me? My God never accepts that type of 10%.

If you don’t repent in supporting them but still continue to pray for them to succeed, thus says the Lord of the whole universe, as you have find it a thing of joy in other people’s tears so shall you cry all the days of your life, as they have sent many people to early grave so shall you too go to early grave…….amen in Jesus mighty name (not my word).

You cannot have the same Jesus i have and still be telling those ladies that come to you for prayers that until you sleep with them before their prayers can be answered, ‘abegi’ which God are you referring to? You mean my own God?…. Thus says the Lord, when David slept with Uriah’s wife in the hidden i made all his wives to be slept with openly, if you don’t stop that act now, i will strike you with partial stroke and as many as ladies you have deceived with my name and slept with them so also the number of men i will send to your wife to sleep with her in your presence……Amen in Jesus mighty name.

Because I tell you the truth and I also set people free from the bondage of your father the devil , then you startfiring me attacks in the night, why wasting your time, you should have first consulted your father the devil and he would have told you it’s no go area for you.

– Olumide Ezekiel Ojo

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6 responses to “Dancing And Playing Inside Satan Territory; Woe Betides Shepherds/Prophets Praying For Yahoo Boys”

  1. Olumide says:

    @ Olufunmi akinfenwa let the good work continue God your real employer one day will bless you beyond boundary in Jesus mighty name.

  2. ksticks says:

    End time…Celestial the last boat of salvation, am afraid it might not even save a single soul, because the salvation is gradually driftting away.

  3. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    There end is near

  4. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    I remembered sometimes around August 2015 during one of my bus to bus evangelism a prophetic message came out for a particular woman in the bus, actually her name was mentioned and I never knew anyone in the bus, when am about to drop a brother said madam you’ve blessed me richly today please can I have your number, I told the driver to give us a minute to exchange number but to my surprised days after I began to receive different calls with different numbers. One day a guy called that a woman who met me in a bus gave him my number and she has given her an assurance that once he called there will be solution to his problems and I said what are your problems he said his a yahoo guy but recently business as not being good and they told him am a confirm prophetess that your prayers and prophetic messages are always on point. Then I asked him again what exactly do you want and he said he want me to fast and pray on his behalf for maga to pay that if God answers the prayers I will be swimming in money. When he couldn’t get a good response from me he sent a text one day that i will walk with foot and get tired one day, he said doing what he asked me to do is the only opportunity I have to get rich then I laughed.He said something again that I should go and ask others how they became millionaires. Many today are agent of evil but they claims they are Christ representatives.

  5. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

    Ameeen to all prayers rendered here.

    Too many 419, Yahoo, Yahoo+, Olosho and Money Ritual Shepherds/Prophets in CCC. Is getting WORSE by day.

    May Jehovah Almighty EXPOSE these Shepherds/Prophets in day light….Ameen it is settled in heaven.

  6. sup aderomoye says:

    God bless you for this messages

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