Darkest Secrets Of Seyi Solagbade

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For the musically uninitiated and several others who do not belong to the Celestial fold, the question is who is Oluwaseyi  Solagbade?   To answer that question, here is a brief introduction to the compact bundle of talent who has remained a blessing to the Celestial Church of Christ. Oluwaseyi Solagbade, was born at Oluwaseyi Parish, Ijeshatedo.  He grew up in the vineyard being a clergyman’s son. Seyi Solagbade as he is fondly called by friends and admirers alike was born into the Celestial Church of Christ, so it came as no surprise when he started his musical career within the four walls of the church. But beyond this, there is a hidden secret to this versatile multi-instrumentalist whose vocal cord is just as powerful and alluring as the church organ.

Seyi stormed into the consciousness of Celestial Church when he started his musical ministration from the international headquarters of the Church in Makoko. Leading the popular Makoko Choir for a period of time with an globally accepted album, “Oluwa Po Ni Ore” in 1990/91 before he was fetched by Monday John Odiye popularly known as Transmission. He left Makoko to become a member of Transmission Choir as a leading vocalist in 1993 where he worshipped from 1993 to 1997 when he left. OluSeyi  Solagbade recorded his first album “Matuwo” in 1996.

But true to the biblical saying that a reverend/prophet has no honour amongst his people, the Celestial fold did not give this music enigma the desired support he expected from his brethren, this made the handsome walking music power house to abandon the gospel genre to take up secular music with a bias for Afrojazz.

He formed his personal band, Black Face with an album that shares same name with the band, “Black Face” in 1999 and” No King As God “in 2005,”Bamijo was released in 2012

His foray into this new level of musical expedition took him to many world class jazz festivals around the globe, Seyi felt cool and loved, rubbing shoulders with world acclaimed Jazz artistes, by this time, Oluseyi  Solagbade only remained as a non-active member of the Church ,probably because he is the son of an ordained shepherd.

His first marriage with Tayo that produced two children collapsed irreconcilably. Then, rumour of adultery on the part of the woman was rife, no one could really dwell more on this because the character involved has been inaccessible for questioning. As we were told, a certain Oluso was behind the woes that befell the ‘singing and loving couple’. There are many hearsays; however, the truth cannot be substantiated.

Seyi cannot claim to be innocent of philandering while the marriage lasted.  Hardly would a day went by without more than five seductive messages landing on the mobile phone of the handsome, talented and friendly light skin gentle man. Since he’s not an angel, i am sure he would have been a victim of many circumstances. After leaving the country and moving to London, he spent quite a whole lot of his fortune to get a befitting accommodation for himself. He became so much deep in secular music, to the detriment of his fellowship with God, Sundays were no longer for worshiping God but for performing and headlining shows and concerts either in London, America, Brazil, South Africa or France.

Seyi Solagbade, Ife Tolani and Ire, Daughter

But there was an event that happened to Seyi that brought him back to the country-Nigeria, his root…… Till next Sunday for concluding part.Seyi Solagbade 2 Seyi Solagbade

17 responses to “Darkest Secrets Of Seyi Solagbade”

  1. Odutola olamilekan Andrew says:

    He is very talented
    I love the way he sings
    His lyrics are always loving
    He is different from others
    I love him

  2. Joseph Joshua abiodun says:

    I thank God for the life of Mr. seyi actually I don’t know him but I always listen to what people say about his music but his first performance at luli concert amused me.i have never see someone like him before however people saying bad things against him remember”oju oluwa mi wo ise re awon angeli mimo n ko won .thanks

  3. Solomon says:

    Still waiting for the Concluding part of this story

  4. remilekun says:

    I still strongly believe bro Seyi should have been contacted before you put up this post so as to get some facts straight inbox me I will forward his contact details to you with his consent tho

  5. Toluwalase Otukoya says:

    Who told u Dr Wole Adetiran discovered Seyi sholagbade,he was discovered by his Sunday school teacher, who use to bribe him with large portion of Rice and meat to sing at juvenile harvest in Adeboye Parish.Seyi is a gift from God and he deserve to be respected in Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide,but faction is another major factor, due to the fact that he is omo oluso who is in another faction,but wen he sings he will say “emi o se Paul ati Apollo,ti oluwa in mo se.I follow every of his song from Oluwa po ni ore to pagidari.U gat my back all day.

  6. Olusegun Pascal says:

    May the grace of God never depart from him, may God continue giving him the grace and never let him down. I am not close to him in any way, all I know about him is “he is CCC product, he is a musician, and he is my mentor” and I love him. God bless his church.

  7. oluwaseyi omojuwa says:

    I enjoy listen to his music because this is one of the Africa man singing contemporary i wish him more on his music career keep it up bro you we never fall..

  8. Sup. Evang. Kayode says:

    @Funmi, who is Wole? Are you telling me that it was central choir that discovered him or that imbued in him the talent of singing? You are missing it greatly. Do you know that Seyi and Wole are no longe on talking terms? Do you know what happend? Only Tayo can explain her relationship between Wole and her that has made Seyi to move away from him.

  9. ZechXin says:

    Hmmm… I really hope he is back to God ways of doing things. I really thank God for Bro Seyi’s life. There are some we don’t know and can’t explain. But he is where he is today. God bless him. I wish you a happy life, in Christ and with your wife and family. I also pray that you do better things in Celestial Church of Christ. We do not know where God is taking you, I don’t know your purpose yet, but I hope it’s for the progress of church music.
    If a man be in Christ, old things are passed away. I would strongly beg or ask those who are condemning who Christ may have justified to be careful anyways.

  10. Funmi says:

    No Seyi without talking about the central choir modt especially Dr Wole Adetiran who discover the talent in him

  11. Dare Kolus says:

    Seyi Sholagbade is a down to earth, intelligent singer.I regard him as the transformer of celestial contemporary music. The writer forgot to tell us his academic background.We were once at OAU together
    As regards his marital issues no one is infallible and I believe it takes two to tangle and where you sit determines what you see. Until we have details from the duo let’s not pass judgement but reasonable observations are not out of line

  12. Saint Michael - Yola says:

    Firstly i must commend this platform because its first of its kind. secondly i beg to differ this write up is not bias in anyway. to every story there is always a 2side. Since Seyi could not give his side the article have to be published, guess before the sequel Seyi would have given his own version of how his 1st marriage ended. Anyway its not even anybody’s business. Halleluyah

  13. Josephine Law says:

    You are so biased with your write up! Is Seyi also not caught sleeping with another lady at Sharon Parish? Why would you just mention Tayo’s in the adultery mess alone. Go get your facts right!

    • Flexz says:

      I dnt think so, as d writer did mentioned dat “Seyi cannot claim to be innocent of philandering while the marriage lasted.  Hardly does a day go by without more than five seductive messages landing on the mobile phone of the handsome, talented and friendly light skin gentle man”

    • ZechXin says:

      You should read well before saying it’s biased. It sounded balanced. Enough.

  14. Banjo Adegbite says:

    Where is he now? This guy is an embodiment of talent. Where does he who ship now? Celestial must not loose a talent like this. We must stand behind him.

  15. Flexz says:

    Well, he has ever been a respected legend and musical role model in d fold; not only bcos we grew up learning around him back den at Oluwa-Olubunkun Transmission Parish, but because it’s d kinda person he is; cool headed, listening, humble and of cos multi-talented. It’s like he knws best how to turn evrytin around him into his music.

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