Dear Wives, Help Your Husbands To Live

March 22, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 1 Comment »

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Do you know that there are more widows than widowers?

Do you know that most husbands’ death is stress-related?
I am a Nurse and I can proudly tell you that.

Do you know that most wives don’t know that their husbands are doing so much for the family until the poor man is dead and gone? That is when the wife realizes the enormity of responsibility the husband was carrying.
Wives need to understand and give their husbands peace at home.

Are men not trying? How can an African man with all kinds of loads and responsibilities be expected to be as romantic as an American man? Women, please give your husbands peace at home. Encourage your husbands. Stop being sarcastic to them.

Except if you like to join the widows club early. Note that the widows club is not funny. Ask members.
Help your husband. Contribute to the family.

Be a helper. Be submissive. Stop nagging. Build your home and marriage. It is not greener outside there.

Don’t be deceived!!
Help your husband to live.



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One response to “Dear Wives, Help Your Husbands To Live”

  1. snr wolida oore ofe oluwa adekunle says:

    HUUMMS,Men with load of responsibilities,,,,,ki oluwa je ki afe eegun iha wa,i love this topic,most of ungrateful women of now adays have sent some men to their grave yard,some of this ungrateful women have turn some men to polygamist ,having a toxic attitudes woman is a great challenges in life, i pray that those men in this shoes JEHOVAH WILL GIVE YOU THE WISDOM to get over it ,honestly

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