Deborah Oshoffa: The Viral Video Is A True Reflection Of What Goes On In Our Harvests

October 30, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Youth Arena / 7 Comments »

The Effects and Truth of the viral video.

Now it dawns on us all that there is a problem in our Dear Church, CCC because we have all looked the other way. Are you One of those who feel the problem at the top isn’t affecting the church?

I have read several write-ups and listened to several videos that show how deeply Satan has attacked this Church. I attend at least 30 harvests yearly and I know What I see in harvest .. it is sad. That video is a true reflection of what goes on in Our harvest.

I don’t take Alcohol, I will not even buy it or share it in my parties talk of the church. Yet people all looked away till the heat of the moment, the ladies got lost it was recorded and became viral. Sincerely speaking is it New?

Where did we mix it up? The Bible says No one is Perfect, Is that why we should give up entirely into sins? We can not continue in sin and say that Grace should abound. The real word of God that moves people to repent is missing in our Church. Too Much of eye service revivals end up like marketplaces without signs, revivals that Celebrate Men instead of God, and revivals that don’t revive Men.

We are losing members in droves Our youths are being led away. The church is not different from the clubhouses because we have brought all songs into the church. All dances in the name of David’s dance… These are repelling to the Angels GOD gave CCC.

Who gives harvest lectures to enlighten us on what is expected from Members doing harvest? The field is full in CCC and the laborers are few.

We condemn ourselves, we hate ourselves, and we dig graves for ourselves… We hate the truth and we celebrate lies, We pull down ourselves. Who teaches the youths what to do? None, Who mentors our youths? None. Where is our first Love? I speak as a chosen of God, that we must all rise in one voice and seek that Old path in CCC.

If we don’t speak in a voice, the Virus that is eating up our shepherds and Young Men in the church will embarrass us more than the last Video. Homosexuality is getting rampant in CCC… it will cost us greater embarrassment…Which way Celestial?……My heritage…

Celestial yi ti gbogbo wa ni… Koma gbodo baje…

Deborah Oshoffa Speaks.


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7 responses to “Deborah Oshoffa: The Viral Video Is A True Reflection Of What Goes On In Our Harvests”

  1. Wole says:

    Ummm Ask your brothers you guys control the church

  2. Opanuga Prophet says:

    Dear Deborah. You have spoken the truth. It was not as bad as this until we were deceived to believe what was not true and lies came from the top that Papa Oschoffa wanted to speak to us even when he had not been buried and we hurried to imeko and i was on the imeko mercy land on that day and one man stood with blue agbada purporting that our respected Founder met him in a rubber plantation with unscriptural impliments to choose his next in rank as Pastor. Since then the church was diverted to the bush rather than the road to heaven. Since then its been lies and lies to cover previous lies. Since then things have gone down the drain spiritually. We continue to patchup as the annointed head had been deprived to be annointed by God to head the church. So where now where we are. They will all answer to God what they made of the church of God. They can not escape it. They made it worse again when they again escape from nigeria to bring down the son of the founder who told them that God told them to choose him as head whereas it was not true. Three to that day it was revealed to me by God that i should not proceed to imeko as i was prepared to go there . I was informed that a bomb had been planted beside the pillars that hold the bridge that hold the celestial church of christ together. The Lord warned that members should be asked not to proceed to imeko at that because of what will happen. That was the year that the church could not do service at imeko and police filled the place. Since that time what God said happened because supreme headquarters cut off from international headquarters and here in nigeria the church have several Pastors. So what we are seeing now is the fruits of all those lies we continue to ditch out and coverups.We did like the Isrealites and appointed King for ourselves but God told me He is coming to annoint His own Head for the Church and all others will step aside. It will happen because its from God. The Gate of hell shall not prevail over the church of God Celestial Church of God. Remember the message sent through Dr. Ogbeta years ago that the cleasing of the universal church worldwide will start from Celestial Church of Christ. It will happen before our Lord Jesus of Christ will appear to take the saints away. Thank you my.Sister. All those who are spoiling the church would suffer. They should repent now. I beg them failing which they will suffer eternal condemnation. Its the word of God as revealed. I cannot reveal everything but i appeal to them to repent before its too late. Thank you.

  3. Olamide says:

    Evang petersen God bless you very hypocritical can you imagine she should just keep quite and remove the 4 corner is she a Prophetess , I don’t get it, Ask her if she is a prophet and yet no body is talking about it Michael Alonge help us the public ask Deborah if she is a prophet since she has ask us question let us tell you to help ask her, who gave her 4 corner , from when did she start giving message in which church am speechless

  4. Kunle says:

    😂😂😂 I laugh in Togo pls Deborah don’t even talk you shared Alcohol also even beer just keep quite because you guys are part of the problem how come all of a sudden is all your father’s church because money is coming out of it, how many of you all went for training ❓pls pls I don’t blame those girls because is what they see you guys do , so start from you

  5. Prophet. Michael says:

    Yes we heard ur own part of view, u were right, when things fall apart in this way, we need to check those people in charge of the church affairs now, but many of them doesn’t care, just be running after the money, and positions, now Oshofa family has a great question to be answer, and we need to check our steps, is it true God are really called ur elder brother to lead this great church, if it is yes there must be symbol of authority will be added to his call, hear me clearly there is nothing bad, if d whole Oshofa family become a pastors or shepherd in church all over the world, that is a good sign shows the seeds of Baba left behind, but when we are talking of celestial church of Christ it has different structures, u cannot just wakeup one day and just fee let me become a shepherd in celestial, u may have a Bible knowledge without the holy spirit appointing you, u are nothing, like that Tosho when dey appoint his elder brother as a pastor just run close to him as P.A. for some period of time, so is that d charaterial make him qualify to become a shepherd, the next step just find his way to national headquarter Ketu, as a shepherd in charge, “won ni amukun eru e wo, oni isale le wo e o woke” God will help us, C.C.C. world wide

  6. Gbenga Jide Oduyemi says:

    Words of wisdom


    With due respect: I think the right place for our dear Sister, Mother and Prophetess to have directed all her questions is towards her Family members whom are in charge of the affairs of the church.

    Putting these questions to the public is highly hypocritical I strongly believe! I’m afraid, she may never get a right answer and solutions from the public.

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