Deborah Oshoffa’s Discovery About Our Church Members Will Shock You (Details)

December 12, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

In her usual style or manner, Arewa Deborah Gbolasere has used her Facebook Timeline to write about her strange encounter at one of the parishes under the umbrella of Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide that obviously had their Adult harvest yesterday Sunday 11.  According to daughter of the late founder, SBJ Oshoffa, Deborah depicts the immoral acts displayed by the parishioners and of course the Shepherd too who couldn’t make them see the true worship of Jehovah in the church.

“I saw out of this world make-up. I saw golden loins shinning like stars, I saw dance steps like the ones in club houses and Owanbe parties, some lashes were as long as my finger nails and Sutana and cap sewing were all something else. Who will take our men and women evedeborah-osofan Shepherd’s back to the old road. They are lost!”


2 responses to “Deborah Oshoffa’s Discovery About Our Church Members Will Shock You (Details)”

  1. Evan.Solomon Iyoriobhe says:

    Members should remember that the Bible is the Christian manual where the rules and regulations of celestial Church were gotten from, therefore we should all repent from all these wayward behaviours. We all should know that the last days are here ,Celestial Church members Wake up and show responsibility to yourself, the church and to God almighty. 2Tim.3:1-3

  2. elitsjohnny says:

    Indecent dressing mode as becomes another way round in the fold. This is ranging from the Elders to the young especially the female members. I think we all know What moral but refuse to follow the true path in accordance with our tenets.
    Make-up is another vogue spreading viral in among us. You can’t If you do then you will become their foe. The world hate the true. There’s no sweetness in true.

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