Deborah Oshoffa’s Reflections On Maforikan’s Burial…Says He Deserved To Be Buried At Imeko

November 26, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

burial-debbieSometimes, if we listen to the other person’s opinion, there is possibility that there will be one or two things to learn from it. Here, Deborah Gbolasere Oshoffa, younger sister to Snr. Evangelist Tosho Oshoffa had this to say concerning the convergence of Celestial leaders at Rev Suuru Maforikan at Majawe, Ibadan.

“Reflecting on Baba Maforikan’s burial …There is truly a time for everything but we play so much part in life and its history. I remember when baba died, I wrote a write up because I saw another opportunity of a unified Celestial pass away.

Papa Suuru wanted unity, he couldn’t fulfill it. He was sick for months we didn’t use that as an avenue to visit and seek unity…..Any other thing we did on Rev Maforikan’s burial was just for us and our purposes. This man is gone and doesn’t even know anything anymore. So the Bible says. I am sorry….Celestians, wake up from this slumber and let us do what is right and at the right time.

If the way we all gathered against all odds, forgetting what we are, differences, positions is the same way we come together and speak in one voice about CCC and its unification, how happy God would be.

I looked around yesterday and I saw politics….We don’t have to wait till death to show love and unity. I would have loved it more, if we showed more love by burying Baba Maforikan in Imeko to show him we love him. Hmmmmm. The world is watching us all, we want genuine unification .Awon arije ni idi madaru….Otito gee.,Let us call a solemn assembly and find what we have lost. We don’t know whose turn it is tomorrow but Rev Pastor suuru Maforikan had a befitting burial, he deserved it but I just wish we did more when he was alive.

My sincere submission, I am sorry if I am wrong or have wronged anyone. Our passion and zeal need to be channeled to a unified CCC. I have spoken as my spirit directed.”

What’s your take on this? Is she wrong or right?

One response to “Deborah Oshoffa’s Reflections On Maforikan’s Burial…Says He Deserved To Be Buried At Imeko”

  1. Adwsina Dairo Bolanle says:

    Paul suuru maforikan serve God and served celecialin General,so if his burrried at imeko is good but late lalready

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