Deborah Oshoffa’s Sexual Experience With A Guy She Met On Facebook…You’ll Like To Read This

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As one of the pretty daughters of late founder of our church, Celestial Church of Christ, Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa-SBJ, Deborah I was caught by the headline of a story her sexual escapades she shared on her timeline on Facebook, “MY FIRST SEX EXPERIENCE WITH AN ONLINE GUY”.

Well, just like me, you would want to read about it and see what actually transpired between Arewa Deborah Gbolasere Oshoffa and the said Facebook loverDebbie Oshoffa.

Enjoy your reading and leave a comment.


This guy have tried to convince me on facebook and BBM to visit him , but i always tell him that am busy. His profile pictures was always tempting his face and smile was so cute , his abs was very sexy, everything made sense. He decided to take it to another level at his own expense. . .Hope you know what I mean?

So at last he was able to decode me to give him my number, he called me immediately to confirm if it was really my number. We talked for a while and I discovered that he just lives a stone throw from my place, I said within me; “Kai see new catch, he was able to convince me to visit him, I promised him that I will visit him next week, Thursday

Thursday finally came, though too fast, he called me around 7:30 just to confirm if I was still coming. I said yes, around I knocked on at his door, dressed seductively and charming . . .

The guy chucked” Today na Today”, I laughed within me.

You know why I de laugh? Because I just draw your attention now. See as you dey serious dey read this story.  My dear I wish you can learn how to read your Bible like dis. . . I bet you, God would bless you.”

19 responses to “Deborah Oshoffa’s Sexual Experience With A Guy She Met On Facebook…You’ll Like To Read This”

  1. Concern members says:

    You should respect your father name and not bringing it down for mockrey. Next time don’t use Oshoffa name for things like this. Try to cover your face. O ti e gbon rara. Have you just come to Lagos. Face book can make you out of your way. If it’s a joke stop it. God will delivered you.

  2. Olumuyiwa says:

    Intresting debby

  3. Maureen says:

    Prophetess deborah what is wrong with you, do you what people to speak robish things against the church pls mind the way you joke OK.

  4. Ademola millan says:

    Your life for Christ and Christ shall be for your life IJN.

  5. Timilehin Imoleayo says:

    Way too expensive, prophetess Deborah you should know that the media can just twist it to another sense and it will become a dirty talk in town so please next time use your initiative.

    • Ademola millan says:

      Deborah, what you have, beauty, you have used to preach the gospel, God will shower you Wirh your need IJN.

  6. madebayo says:

    For goodness sake, ds joke is too ridiculous for Celestial church. As we all know that pressmen will twist it to another thing entirely. Pls Deborah watch what you say next time.

  7. sammyt says:

    fascinating one

  8. George Augustus says:

    Publicity stunt. That’s all

  9. dr jim lamidi says:



  10. Alagba selberacad says:

    Ijo mimo edide si ebe adura

  11. Alagba selberacad says:

    Ijo mimo ko le baje

  12. Imoleayo says:

    That joke is too expensive pls, Do you want pple to start saying rubbish about celestial church or what because there are pple out there that will read only the headline with reading the story. pls be careful of what you write on social media

  13. Oluwafemi says:

    This is not funny at all. I don’t expect Deborah to descend so low to bring the exaulted name our great Rev.and Pastor Founder Oshoffa to be linked with kind of uncomplimentary thing of this kind. She should be linked with a more spiritual thing, preaching word of God and d like than such things like this.

  14. tosin Kuti says:

    just 2 much..yu are rit

  15. agosa junior says:

    Yes oooo reading is far better, nice one, good one. Good luck sister

  16. Abosede akinrimisi sulaimon says:

    Nice one prophetess Deborah, I love that

  17. Abosede akinrimisi says:

    Nice one prophetess Deborah, I love that

  18. Chris says:

    Deborah nice one

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