Why Are We Being Deceived That There Is No Room For Spiritual Works In Celestial?

February 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 3 Comments »

SBJ Oshoffa PhotoEvery member of Celestial Church of Christ should endeavor to discover how spirituality and practice of the church can be a resource for our spiritual growth and journey in life. In the Blue Book, Papa Oshoffa was led by the spirit to use an egg with a needle to stop a river that overflown its bank in Port novo. So, Spiritual works can never be condemned.

When I stumbled on this post of a young member of the church, Myke Adele expressing his grievance with some shepherds who have stopped the use of Ise and only preach the Bible, I thought of embellishing the article to give it a face that would make people understand his stand point.

Though, it’s believed that Ise is meant for baby Celestial members, and the position of Christ is supreme, only Him we should have faith in to secure our future from Jehovah. But you will agree with me that Jesus Himself performed so many spiritual works.

The pentecostal some of these shepherds copy now are taking their glory from them as they now use, comb, incense, water inside white keg, handkerchief, cutlass, candle to do special prayers. Se ko tan bi?

“Why do we condemn spiritual works (ise, ise Akanse, ise ikoko, ise okun etc)? Why have we ended up preaching against it and refusing to understand its essence and importance? I know a Shepherd who says on pulpit, there is nothing like ise, and he knows nothing about it but hypocritically does works for yahoo boys and the wealthy people that often throng his church somewhere around Alakuko

He was seen bathing Iwe iIoko by an observer but yet he condemns it… When people go to him with their problems, he says he had nothing except the word of God but he has used this to deceive them when He himself is deep with Cherubim and Seraphim works to mention a few

Is ise not from the directive of the Holy spirit? Is it not done for deliverance and liberation? Is it not part of what holds CCC as pillar? Works producing wonders and miracles? Who is now being deceived? They come preaching theology to the congregation, when they have problems or their children, you see them at the beach doing spiritual works for their own self…… Every problem has its own methodology in CCC backed with the scriptures… Even Jesus did spiritual works….. Healing the blind with mud and spit…… Why are we being deceived? No one says you should put your trust in spiritual works but why condemning it, If it is done for salvation?”

-Tola Jnr Adele

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3 responses to “Why Are We Being Deceived That There Is No Room For Spiritual Works In Celestial?”

  1. oluyinka says:

    Am not against ISE at all but why is that the place where Jesus healed the blind man is only the reference point we hold whereas there cases of Jesus healing people without ise but through His and their Faith. When ISE becomes the order of the day, Christ is not known. Many Celestial don’t believe Jesus but ISE. Many are in the church because of ISE. Where is the place of prayer and fasting that Jesus preached in Matthew 17 vs 21? I don’t know Oshoffa by face but I believed he preaches the true word of God. The word which is Jesus is the basis of Christianity. The only way to grow in faith is through the word. Romans 10 vs 17. There are spiritual works but they should not become the way of life. Gracias.

  2. olorunnisola soyebi adebayo... says:

    purely spiritual illiterates….
    the wisdom of JAH JEHOVAH is not with them

  3. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

    Pakaaaams now you said it, your example Shepherd Preached against it but kept on doing it for Yahoo Boys & Money Ritualists. Tell me is he doing it in accordance with the legacy of Papa or as Babalawo in Sultana.

    Yes there is Ise but it must be done with a clean hands n mind.

    I Just hate hypocrites and Pretenders in CCC, for how long will they deceive People. Even the Pentecostal Churche PASTORS DO BURN INCENSE, LIGHT CANDLES, USES OIL, WATER, HANDKERCHIEFS but to mention few.

    I just hate hypocrites and Pretenders chaiii!!!….. ORUNMILA SHAA….

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