Digression In Three-Member Prayer By Irawo Ogo

May 13, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / Add Comment »

Most times those leading three members’ prayers do digress. The reason is that they want the prayer to be lengthy. Lengthy prayer doesn’t attract awards from God neither does it make any meaning to Him. These people’s aim is nothing but a show-off.

When the service conductor layout prayer points, after he has prayed certain prayers such as FORGIVENESS OF SINS. AND SANCTIFICATION, THANKSGIVING, they’ll still repeat all these in their prayers. Some will even pray for something else entirely.

Prayer isn’t a show-off, it’s something of sincerity and perfect connection with God. The amazing side of it is that when the service conductor includes “AND AS THE SPIRIT LEADS”, come and see elongated prayers. The first member will pray for Thanksgiving, Forgiveness of sins, Sanctification, Power, Holy Spirit, Progress, Victory and Protection, Deliverance, Blessings and God’s Favour, Promotion and Joy…

As you can see, he has prayed all the prayer points for the three members already. If the second member wants to pray, she’ll also start from the beginning where the first person started and prayed through. Likewise the third member.

It isn’t supposed to be. What went wrong is that we don’t pray authoritatively again, but rather make noise as sounding cymbals. People with authority don’t pray too long; they go straight to the point and they experience instant results. These types of prayers are part of things that prolong our services, especially on Sundays. Prolonged service without testimonies. What a shame!

In those days, the church was strict that no one dare try such. The service conductor will jingle the bell immediately after he discovers any digression. As a result, any member willing to pray would be in the spirit to pray a constructive and authoritative prayer of faith.


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