Disciples Need To Be Well Fed On Truth…- Evang. Ajala Kayode

September 2, 2016 / Celestial News Online / On The Spot / Add Comment »

Ajala Kayode TruthThey say if you tell the truth, you have nothing to fear, this is a religious truth. Firebrand preacher and writer, H/S/E. Ajala Kayode has just posted the pill that everyone wants but can’t seem to swallow-The Truth, on his Facebook page and it’s indeed a food for thought.

Church isn’t what we make it. Church isn’t a creation of Christians. We have a specific mission. The mission of every local church is to make and reproduce disciples of Jesus Christ. There are a lot of half-alive Christians because there are a lot of half-alive preachers.

We preach deliverance without repentance which leads to lightly happy, immature souls. We preach repentance without fault, leading to a distorted understanding of sin as inconsequential imperfection rather than a crime against God. We feed starving souls happy-happy joy-joy thoughts and they leave the meeting house malnourished and weak. Disciples need to be well fed on truth and strengthened by exercise in sacrificial service in the Kingdom.

No soldier ever became a celebrated retired war hero without going through basic training and fighting some battles. Don’t be afraid to preach harder truths. Disciple-making is serious work and being a disciple requires some effort.

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