Disunity In Celestial Church Of Christ: Analysis And Solution

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Celestial pastorsIn a reaction to what we wrote about the constitution of the church a few days ago, one of the members of the church, so he claimed, sent this letter to us. We are posting it unedited because at #CNO, we have nothing to hide. Take your time to read the piece and let’s know how you feel about it. Please be objective. Thanks.

“ It is glaringly clear now that Celestial Church of Christ that was a cynosure and a model of good service worship to God Almighty our Creator has now turned to body of ridicule. It therefore calls on devoted members to query, why?

Perusing various documents, oral and written with various technology advancements, I shall be putting the jigsaw puzzle together for us all to learn and chart a better way ahead out of the quagmire we are. The administrative challenges of the church today actually started from the time the Pastor Founder entered Nigeria. I am sincerely in support of the fact that CCC is a spiritual church and therefore Holy Spirit should be allowed to continue the assignment. However, there are some misconceptions to be corrected here.

Holy Spirit requests a suitable forum to function. This can only be created by efficient management skills. The disciples at the upper room (Acts of Apostles 2: 1-31) after the demise of Christ were in ‘one accord’ – UNITY in DIVERSITY with effective communication at the best. For clarity purpose, I will be analysing this on two main eras (a) During Pastor Founder’s era (b) After Pastor Founder’s death

During Pastor Founder’s Lifetime: It is well documented in the Celestial History Book (Constitution) that Pastor Founder was hesitant to come to Nigeria in the first place because Nigeria was TOO FAST for his liking then. However, he had to come as a ‘better’ choice of two ‘evils’ – his life was being threatened at Benin Republic and Nigeria (intending safe haven or refuge) is too fast. The fastness of Nigeria was confirmed when the name of Pastor Founder was omitted in the first registration of the church. Betrayal of Trust. However this was corrected and then led to the appointment of the first Board of Trustees, in which only Baba Owodunni and Baba Banjo are still living.

Baba Bada was the next in spiritual rank to Pastor Founder. However, because that position (Supreme Evangelist), he was actually the HOD Nigeria Diocese. As at the time he was promoted to the second in command, he should have been relieved of his post as HOD Nigeria, for someone else to take. Could this be part of the misconceptions that led to Baba Jesse declaring himself a Pastor after the death of Baba Bada? Remember he was the HOD Nigeria during Baba Bada’s tenure

Pastor Founder, though not learned but was brilliant enough to foresee the future, not necessarily on the prophetic means. He was constantly reminding get the church to obey the rules and regulations of all cities where parishes are established

He, with his limited educational qualifications entrusted those with him with the knowledge of building the church further (the founder had to lay the  foundation, what structure are you putting up on it?) What stopped them from writing a properly acceptable constitution but it was limited to Nigeria Diocese.

Yes, there was Benin Diocese in the days of Papa but all the controls were still coming from him in Ketu. He actually gave instructions that Pastor (after him) can be in any part of the world, he does not necessarily need to come down to Nigeria to operate.

Could it possibly be that there is anger that Pastor Founder (a Benoit) by nationality and Nigerian – Yoruba by descent was betrayed as he had feared before leaving Benin, that still anger the Benin Diocese members? Or in addition to jumping on the pastoral seat by his next in command against his directions?

Were those with Papa in those days actually in line with his vision or his position?

After Pastor Founder’s death: A live recording at the OGTV in his days, Papa instructed that the pastoral seat after him is NOT BY SENIORITY or HEREDITY but the Spirit of God.

Why did we ignore these two warnings? Firstly was Baba Bada (Seniority) and now Rev Mobiyina (Heredity)

Why was the constitution limited to Nigeria Diocese and why was it not properly written to be legally acceptable? How many churches outside Nigeria actually register their parishes with the ‘authentic’ Celestial Constitution (Blue Book)? The truth is the Blue book is NOT VALID outside Nigeria shores and unfortunately now, Nigeria Legal system had condemned it to an ordinary history book. This indicates that CCC has no legal constitution. Could this be the loophole exploited by Rev Shonekan to register himself as Pastor of CCC Worldwide in the USA Diocese? All churches in UK are governed by the Charity Commission and therefore any money taken out of the country by any church must be defended before the Charity Commission or else, you are guilty of Money Laundering. This was exactly the response given to Rev Mobiyina and his entourage in the last summer when it was requested that UK should lend Ketu some money to complete Imeko Cathedral.

I will come up with lasting Solutions to these prevailing problems next time I have the time to send something across.”

– Houndeyin Francis- UK

2 responses to “Disunity In Celestial Church Of Christ: Analysis And Solution”

  1. Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

    Well, your writing was well comprehended with facts. Pa. Oshoffa was a victim of circumstances in the republic of Benin and in Nigeria. He was a wise and spirited man.The unfortunate of it all was the foundation, which was build on deception, and greed. If i have to talk now, my people will raise a hell on me with their low life mental decorum. My prayer is that the holy spirit will direct his own people who will take over the church in earnest.

  2. Evan Akinola says:

    All leaders knows the way to settled this mater but self egoism is their problem

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