Do You Know This Fact About The Celestial Church Of Christ?

July 5, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

There are many facts about this church that need to be documented and disseminated among the new converts into the church and the members at large. There are things many of us don’t know about this church and the power that lies with it.

As it was revealed, the CCC church is the church that would clean the world. Lack of documentation is part of the reason any shepherd or prophet can bring voodoo into the church as a result of what we are ignorant of.

Where is the power of this church bestowed from heaven? Is the power not available anymore that caused the bad leaders to have now brought the invention of Babalawo styles into the system? Fruit is always available on the church altar, I was told in CCC, and the best gift a shepherd of a parish can give you is any of the fruit to eat and you begin to experience a massive breakthrough. Does such power still available?

I was also told not until you see your shepherd prescribe spiritual work for you before your problem could be surmounted, with a piece of soap being brought to church and prayer being said on it in the course of the service with faith working wonders.

Now I begin to ask myself what is happening in the CCC nowadays. Some parishes will earnestly pray that nothing happens, and at times the problem will be exacerbated.

I think the result of the loss of power brought the intervention of voodoo into the church system because people would believe once they didn’t see signs and wonders. Though I stand to be corrected on this.

What could be the problem and what could bring back the old Celestial Church full of power and glory and filter out all these occultic shepherds and prophets in soutana? May God heal His church.


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