Does Celestial Church Truly Harbor Devilish People?

October 22, 2022 / Olaiya / Code Of Conduct / Add Comment »

Here is a submission of a female member of the church named Sarah, over the viral video of some ladies in CCC garments drinking Hennessy and uttering gibberish.

There is no doubt that the church has entered the world and the world has also found its way into the church as well. Relative to another circulating video of ladies in our soutana drinking and saying all manners of things in the video. This is another video that was released by those ladies with Hennessey that got many perplexed.

The truth of the matter is that many of these ladies that indulge in all these immoral acts are those who came to Celestial Church because of an attack or a spiritual problem. These are the types of ladies who prioritized the commission’s phony shepherds and prophets. These are the people that God of Celestial Church delivered from one problem or the other, and as a result, they became members of the church.

Why I am not surprised is because the problem facing the church is our leaders, prophets, and shepherds. The point is that we don’t preach Christ to these people when they come to the church but only bind the spirit affecting or tormenting them and refuse to replace it with the spirit of God through moral teachings.

If care is not taken in our church, this is just the beginning. All denominations harbor devilish people but have a change of mind and act as they listen to the word-changing life from their pastors.

If our shepherds and leaders did not place priority on salvation rather than spiritual works, then the Celestial Church of Christ would continue harboring devilish people as members.


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