Domestic Violence:  Shame Or Blame, The Choice Is Yours (See Photo)

November 18, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 1 Comment »

Why would a man do this to his spouse? I have said it time without number that instead of being in a hell on earth marriage, It will be better to remain single or walk out of a an abusive marriage as a single parent. The rate of and magnitude of domestic violence has been on the rise and the attendant harm has become so mind boggling that anyone caught in the web of this snare should without been prompted by anyone  make a wise dive for the door.

You own your precious life to no one but yourself, there is no reason for anyone to sit out the pains and torture of any abusive union to please either the society or the family. Seriously by now with the awareness that has been shed on this issue in recent times, it beats anyone’s imagination why the woman in this case has to allow herself to be so dehumanized.

What does the society of family now have to say in the case of this woman who from the look of things is hanging on to life with the fragility of a spider’s cob, how did she wait for this to befall her?

Domestic violence cuts across both genders but whoever is being victimized should not cower behind the opinion of others before seeking for help where needed or better still walk out alive when the opportunity exist.  Stop playing the fools game. Don’t save your marriage in exchange with your life. To be late is better than to be the Late Mr. or Mrs…. Don’t endure insane and barbaric acts in the name of Marriage…Culture of Silence kills speedily than death itselfdomestic-women…  Prov. 9 vs 12 please read it now…

One response to “Domestic Violence:  Shame Or Blame, The Choice Is Yours (See Photo)”

  1. Lady D says:

    It saddens me to my marrow whenever i come across issue of “domestic abuse “. Especially when some people are trying to justify it by saying ” endurance is the soul of marriage “. Pls, pls and please my people all over the world, marriage is not by force. If you’re experiencing beating in your marriage, (be it male or female) pls pack whatever is packable and leave. Don’t give any second chance, as you may not be around to tell the story of how the second time beating happened….because you may be dead by then! A word is enough for the wise!!!

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