Don’t Be A Lazy Celestian By Fisayo Joel Jackson

October 10, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 1 Comment »

celestial-women-choirIt is now the real time we take charge, enough of personal perception and mere saying from what is not biblical, I have heard different people saying a vigil covers 3 days fasting, I pity some LAZY CELESTIAN , there is absolutely nothing like such in Christianity.

Who told you Celestial don’t fast? As a Christian you need to fast and pray anytime, any day.

Fasting and prayers are highly required in our spiritual journey (Mark 9:29)(1st Thessalonians 5:17)pray continually.

Manifestation commenced after Jesus was filled with the words of God for forty days and nights.

You must swallow the words of God and digest it in your spirit (Katanabanno).

It is the quality of your intake that will determine your outputs, you must graduate from the level of milk (Brephos) to the level of meat (Huios).

To cleanse this world, we need spiritual stamina which begins from you and I.

It is better we work for the grace upon this church to manifest rather than waiting for the grace to appear suddenly. The more we keep waiting, the more we keep wasting time.

You must grow spiritually as a son of God with great capacity through the words of God, prayers and fasting.

In spiritual world there is no limit to growth nor limit of graduation. The more you commit yourself, the more stronger you are in spirit.

Remember, we must not live by bread alone(Matt 4:4, Luke 4:4, Deut 8:3), nobody can build your capacity for you, growth is a personal development in the Lord. Don’t be A LAZY CELESTIAN.

For us to cleanse the world as Celestians, It begins now

One response to “Don’t Be A Lazy Celestian By Fisayo Joel Jackson”

  1. Sourou King says:

    Thanks, that’s such a magnificent remarks we always fail to read our Bible then speaking as one old lazy folks amidst church programs even vigil they can’t withstand 12am-5:30am very lazy sets of members and they wanted things to change over night. Shepherds will tell you you don’t have to fast too much or prayer so much believing only in spiritual works instead of instant word miracles as Jesus said ye shall do more greater works by fasting and prayer.

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