All About Dreams, Dream Hijackers And Dream Polluters

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Dream HijackersDREAM: This is the channel through which God speaks to His children (especially when their day was hectic) to let them know what is happening in their spiritual domain (third heaven). You can never get it physical except it’s first registered in the spiritual.

So God speaks through dream to either warn of bad events coming (Joseph was warned about the plan of Herod to kill Jesus) good thing already delivered to your third heaven ( Abraham in Gen 15).

DREAM HIJACKERS: The perfect truth is that things happen in our spiritual life everyday, meaning, God talks to us every day, you must dream every day, father and mother in the house you can bear me witness of this when you are coming back from work and you make some shopping for your children, how excited are you to quickly deliver the goodies into their hands? The same thing happens to our God. The Bible says blessed is the Lord that DAILY LOADS US WITH BENEFITS. So there is always an alert from God to you in your bed at the early hours of the day through dream to let you know the new goodies supplied to your first heaven. THERE IS NO NIGHT YOU DON’T DREAM, THE REASON YOU DON’T KNOW OR EASILY FORGET IS BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY THE EVIL ONE CALLED DREAM HIJACKERS.


They can come in form of bird or human being, they don’t need to enter your building or your room may be too hot for them, all they need is physical contact with the wall of your house then as your dream is coming they take it away. Sometimes,  you find yourself doing something that it seems you have done it before, no you have not done it physically before it was in the spiritual but the DREAM HIJACKERS stole it.


Dream hijackers are part of the APPS on Satan satellite just to make sure we Christians don’t know what next or the direction to go. You know when we get the instruction direct from God we focus more than when doing trial by error. I will be explaining bad dreams and dream polluter later today by God grace.

-Olumide Ezekiel Ojo

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