Your Dry Bones Shall Rise Again!!!

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Who says these Bones shall not live again? Who says these Bones will remain dry forever? Who says there is no breath left in them? Who says the dry Bones is too deaf to hear the Voice of God? Beloved, whatever situation you have being mocked, God will make you move forward. What is giving you sleepless night shall begin to become your source of joy. This season, I speak goodness into your life, get ready for a rattling that will confuse your enemies and shock your friends.

While Ezekiel was seeing dry bones in Ezekiel chapter 37, God was seeing an exceeding great army. You may be seeing a problem now but God is seeing a solution. You may be seeing barrenness but God is seeing children surrounding your table. You may be seeing lacks and wants but God is seeing prosperity. You may be seeing pain, but God is seeing joy. You may be seeing unemployment but God is seeing a robust job. You may be seeing a broken heart but God is seeing a heart filled with love and joy. You may be seeing failure but God is seeing success!

You may be seeing mental instability but God is seeing a sound mind. Beloved, no matter how deep that valley is, l decree it will never swallow you. It will not shut you down. You will come out strong. God will surely cause breath to enter into your dry bones and they shall live. Yes, this season, you will live to glorify the name of the Lord in Jesus Name!

Can I hear your loudest Amen?

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– Prince Aderinola Oluwasseun Temitope

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