Edith Oshoffa Reacts To Issues Concerning The Present State Of CCC

March 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 3 Comments »

Beautiful daughter of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, M/C Prophetess Edith Oshoffa has reacted to some issues relating to the Oshoffas and of course the church for its stagnancy and series of irregularities perpetrated by the elders due to disunity.

In her response to one of the members of the church, Alagba Akinyele Emmanuel who said in a comment that Papa SBJO made a mistake to have had more than one wife and large family, M/C Edith said why would the spiritual children of Papa SBJO blame their father’s social life for the ills that befell them, the ills that are the result of their handwork.

She said, “Alagba Akinleye Emmanuel. I feel I must correct some misinformation about your submissions.

  1. It is Colonel Otenigbagbe not Otedigba you are referring to, I believe. Colonel Otenigbagbe happens to be one of the beloved spiritual children of our father. Colonel Otenigbagbe was incidentally one of the elders of the Church invited by Papa to worship with him at First Shadrack Hospital on Sunday September 8th 1985. As he was out of town he was represented by his wife.
  2. It wasn’t Colonel Otenigbagbe that mobilised soldiers to Imeko. While in hospital after the fatal accident ot 1st September 1985, Papa sent a message to another one of his beloved children Mr Chris Omeben to “give us many police men so that we shall not be trampled to death on the day of his journey home. The then Evangelist Chris Omeben did as he was asked and provided 350 Policemen for Papa’s last journey.
  3. While in hospital Papa also sent a message to our uncle Baba Olusegun Obasanjo who provided more security personnel for the last journey among so many other things he ( Baba Obasanjo) did before, during and after Papa’s last journey.
  4. All this while nobody knew about the plot to take Papa’s body to the Republic of Benin.
  5. It was neither the biological family of Papa nor our senior brother Rev. Emmanuel Oshoffa that initiated the plot. It was you, the spiritual children of Papa that initiated the plot and involved the family who unfortunately joined you.
  6. It wasn’t the family that plotted to change Papa’s will for the Church. It was you, the spiritual children that connived to change Papa’s will by appointing leaders for the Church. Till you involved the family in the leadership of the Church by the advent of our senior brother which member of the biological family member was involved in the administration or the leadership of the Church?
  7. The fact remains that one way or the other we (members of this great Church ) have all contributed or unknowingly to the situation we are in today :

-knowingly by appointing leaders by ourselves

-unknowingly by supporting what we do not know.

We have all sinned. We all need to go back to God to ask for forgiveness so that He will show us the way out of our predicament.

7 With reference to Papa’s various submissions, sermons & interviews during his time with us, the fact that he was a polygamist before he was chosen by Almighty God, the fact that he had always obeyed THE VOICE OF HE WHO SENT HIM, I am bewildered that one of his children, Akinleye Emmanuel, is blaming his father’s social life for the ills that befell them, the ills that are the result of their handwork…………..Whether the world likes it or not Celestial Church of Christ will fulfill her mandate.

” Thus says the Lord: ” Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls. But they said” We will not walk in it.” Jeremiah 6:16

May God help us all.”

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3 responses to “Edith Oshoffa Reacts To Issues Concerning The Present State Of CCC”

  1. Dr. Malik O R says:

    The Church is sane. It is the various editions of people we have as leaders and the led that are re- christening the Church by their actions and inactions.

  2. Odomo Ayodele says:

    It is well with us

  3. Ven. Seyi Fetus says:

    So many errors in the church of God, both the spiritual and biological children have all sinned and goon against the will of God. Celestial church of Christ needs special deliverance.

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