EFCC To Invite Celestial Church Leaders For Questioning? What Is Really Going On?

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If you are reading this, don’t be shocked if you start to see Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC picking one or two elders of the church up for questioning! What could have warranted this? Whispers here and there are of the opinion that it has to do with an allegation of fraud. Fraud in the house of God?

Fraud in an organization that is striving to complete a cathedral for almost 33 years? If the funds are really there, Cathedral shouldn’t be in this form, so where is this issue of fraud coEFCCming from? Ketu headquarters in a dilapidated state and we are alleging fraud?  The shepherds (Levites) going by what the Bible state that they should be adequately taken care of but the church cannot fulfill that obligation because there is no fund to use for that. So, where is the allegation of fraud coming from? Where is the money that is being alleged of defrauding?

Anyway, the glass might be half full to me and half empty to you. The question we must ask ourselves is this, can’t we manage our affairs without inviting the government to play a role which Baba Oshoffa, the late founder of the church seriously frowned at? God is watching us all!

We don’t know who to believe, if it’s A or B, but all we can see is that some people are playing chess game with the church and in the game of chess we all know that whosoever checkmates the King emerges winner!

Let’s constantly put our church in prayer. Irorun igi, irorun eye!

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26 responses to “EFCC To Invite Celestial Church Leaders For Questioning? What Is Really Going On?”

  1. Jacob Popoola. says:

    Waste of time.

    There was one Pastor Founder and Prophet. How many pastors do we have today? Which pastor do the invited elders represent? This is the window of antagonism among different elders under different pastors as well as those who have hidden nuts to crack with the ordained present pastor.

    Lastly, query is a question. This is a financial query and financial departments in Ketu, Makoko, and Imeko accountants/auditors should balance the sheet and give us the pride we deserve before the government of Nigeria.


  2. Snr Evang. Sofowora S says:

    I am not happy to hear that EFCC wants to invite our leaders for what? This is God’s own Church please and God is fully in Control accept it or leave it.EFCC has more than enough in d country to handle. God has records of all our deeds and He is dealing with everybody that is fraudulent or unrighteous in His Church just be in Spirit and. U will see what l mean.
    If EFCC wants to investigate any church, let them start with those church leaders who have oil wells,,own jets,have houses in many big places and have fat bank accounts.Our Pastor does not have all these,abi?
    When people complain of fraud concerning d cathedral l laugh. I am not saying that there is none because even in a three bedroom construction, workers play tricks.As for ours ,it is minimal. How many members or parish has given five to ten million in a year on d cathedral?
    I want parishes to come out on line if we can find just 20 parishes that contributed one million in a year to d building for d past ten years.
    Lastly many don’t know about construction and the cost,yet they complain. Until l was involved in Construction in our Parish l never new that materials are costly.
    Please as a church we may have our shortcomings, so it is everywhere and we don’t preach or encourage our members to loot and bring money, we only manage d little resources we have.
    Let us all wake up ,contribute to it and not pull down with our mouth. God will raise us up to carry out many good projects from now IJMN. God bless CELESTIAL OUR PRECIOUS CHURCH.

  3. seyi says:

    if govt control dis church u will see change.we hv elders who doesn’t hv d interest of d church in d heart.

  4. Imole Bukunmi James says:

    Hmmmm old school fashion. Idol sitting inside altar already

  5. Ilerioluwa Elijah Julius says:

    Ijo mimo temi latorun loti wa awon to sin nibe nu Imole won wa………
    Celestial is no longer in light we are in total darkness and we still brag hw can the church of Christ keep taking them selves to court of law where you find almost all the traditional idols of Nigeria we don’t believe God can take control of things in his church again we rather take celestial to terrestrials for judgment lemme tell you anybody for good or bad that takes celestial case to court is putting him self in the danger of God sword .we have prophets we have ways of testing Dem anybody in charge of imeko project money let them come and give analyses on hw money have been coming in and going out and let put Dem to test in present of the imeko alter or rather take them to ajase and let them be put to trial in the presence of the first alter let now see in 7days interval what is going to happen.

  6. bro okeowo emmanuel says:

    I dnt think it’s proper for us to support this, problems associated with church affairs should be solved in d church, not bringing it into the worldly institutions like EFCC, court of law etc.
    Do u think our father SBJO’S wherever he his will be happy with this.

  7. Ldr. Bryan Andrew says:

    Members steals,Shepherd rebuke them, Shepherd chop ketu money,Na Undertaken to refund and posting to jungle follows, Now Pastor and Board of Trustee Steals and defraud…. Court of Law comes in …. 50-50 Nemesis, Papa Sbj laid good foundation, all bricklayers moulded rubbish, CCC jagajaga….. I beg, if anyone send my church member money as return to fight yeye case like defence, SBJ smite them dead.They need money now to employ Lawyer.. Members money that was meant for Development is now converted to Court case. A stupid and Non reasonable Oluso and Workers will send money to ketu when a Fraud case is now on. Shikenah. Tinu Ladoja and associations. New Recycling Imeko Cathedral Chairman after being Vice for decades and nothing done. All committees by mouth but incapacitated by power from above. All money for unspiritual ropes. Chai

  8. Abbey says:

    If that will solve the issue, no problem a whole 33years

  9. Evang Olanrewaju Taiwo Adeyemi says:

    Nothing bad. Changing to God’s way bring salvation while being adamant incurred God’s wrath.Maybe that is God’s way of dealing with an unrepentant souls of celestial church self acclaimed leaders.

  10. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    If that will help sanitize the church and clean up all this stagnant mess, why not. A clear conscience fears no accusations and the guilty will always run when none is pursuing.

  11. Ajiun Falokun says:

    Hmmmmm!! !Where are we heading to?If EFCC coming in will allow peace to reign,no problem.
    Eyin Agba Ijo mimo,e se ko dara.)
    As for the writer,nothing will happen to him in Jesus name.He is covered with the blood of Jesus.(Eni ti ko je gbi,ko le ku gbi.)

  12. Bukola Aduloju says:

    If anyone threaten the writer, Belele and Awaja of Amissa will catch up with them and we true ccc will rise to his defence. Who shall ascend to the hill of Almighty God and CCC altar? He that has a clean hand and contrite heart? Is Pastor Emf and his associates clean? Time shall tell soon, their lawyer have responded and let us see how far they can go. Press from all areas must be encouraged to take a coverage of all proceedings on court of law. If Olusho spend ketu money on their kids with evil stipend given monthly. Ketu will ask them to write refund undertaking. Now its their turn now. Let our money be judiously used and let us unravel the truth. Let the truth out and see devil flee the fold. Awon onijekuje, Ole gbe, Ole gbaa, whosoever has taken them to court has confidencr and it is a collective effort to pray for him. No university, no hospital and no welfare to Shepherds regardless of members planning.

  13. Balogun Kenny says:

    Hmmmm this is serious ooo

  14. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    I think is the best decision ever, 33 years of shame and ijekuje. We need explanation and details of our account, I see no reason why we can’t have university like other churches.

  15. Temidayo Taiwo says:

    He’s a Celestian to d core

  16. Temidayo Taiwo says:

    We’ve heard enough …… let them be picked if that’s the case

  17. Oluwaseyefunmi says:

    I just hope this writer’s life is safe o. He’s always coming out with bad story about this church. Are you really a member of the church or an impostor?

    • Sade Kareem says:

      The editor is doing his job dear. There is nothing anyone can do to him. Beside, what offense has he committed here to warrant his life not being saved? Our people only have eyes, they don’t have other sense to help the sight. This is a beautiful write up and I don’t think he’s indicting anyone here but the generality of the church.

    • Femi Oshin. says:

      Yes oo coming out with bad and wrong stories.pls don’t spoil celestial church for us oooo

      • Kayode says:

        If you are one of Baba Oshin lineage and you talk like this, you must be a vagabond. Your father, Taiwo Oshin is a man of integrity, it’s just a pity that he has found himself among wolves. Someone is writing about the truth, you said he writes wrong and bad stories, must you come here to read them? Omo jatijati ikeja aja. You will soon see what will happen to your pastor and his cohort turning the church to am whereby they can enrich themselves. They will all rotten in jail, it’s a pity he doesn’t have a sight to take care of himself except of course Solomon goes with him.

      • Femi Oshin. says:

        Silent is the best answer for a fool like u,am very sure u are an intruder in this church.brother agbaya ewure Ikeji Aja.

      • bro okeowo emmanuel says:

        Bro Kayode, I honestly understand nd empathise ur feelings concerning d problems dis fold is facing as at now. It’s really discouraging when u realise dat after so much donation for d completion of d cathedral but all efforts seem to futile. But sir, with due respect, frm my youthful knowledge nd understanding. No matter Ow angry or furious dis has made u. I dnt think it’s right for u to come to dis surface nd point such finger at the pastor(EMF). Ur action is not christ-like.
        Ema se soro ibinu, Ero buburu koda.

        The scripture warned us against harming God’s anointed.
        I suggest u feel remorseful and seek God for forgiveness.

  18. Aborishade says:

    This is serious o! Who is taken our leaders to efcc? Are you sure the wrath of God had not descended on us? Na wah o. He who comes into equity must come with clean hands. The person taken them to Efcc should be a saint himself o

  19. Ven. Seyi Fetus says:

    I think the 1st thing to do is to invite auditors to edit the church accounts you thoroughly. I don’t trust those in charge of the church account. All factions inclusive ooo. Lagun and others should be checkmated.

  20. James Olasosu says:

    Well, it has been long expected and overdue in this church due to devilish and fraudulent constitution and conversion of members money into personal advantages. Who is Wolves will now manifest… Seasonal Film just Started. No more cover up. If you cant challenge your boss for fraudulent activities, Both of you and society will be termed enemy of progress, thieves. Who is now a thief. In ccc will be exposed now. If any party threatened members spiritually and diabolical from exposing evil Acts. The Amissa Service conducted recently on Papa SBJ will have effect on evil pepetrators and Belele,a o bo o nono and Awa ja ninu aiye will catch up on them in Jesus Name. Amen

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