Egun Prophets: Why Some Celestians Are Afraid Of Them!

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A prophet is a man called by God to be His representative on earth. Prophets are persons who convey a message from God or teach the Word of God. The issue is that some Celestians fear the Egun prophet. Why?  The majority believes that the Egun prophets are full of fetish things and deadly spiritual work and concoctions.

For crying out loud, being fetish or bad does not belong to a particular tribe or sect. I have seen many Egun prophets who live a clean and righteous life in Christ while some Yoruba or Igbo prophets do not even have any mark of a great soul in them.

Though Egun prophets are well-trained and sound when it comes to prophesy and its accuracy, we can not however, neglect some Igbo or Yoruba or other tribes too, it is just that their level of spiritual works is so high that has made some Celestians be afraid of them.

The fear in the eye of most Celestians about the Egun Prophet is that they are the ones doing spiritual works that are against the doctrine. Is this true? Though Celestial Church is a spiritual Church, and the Church has its set rule and doctrine that guide both the prophets and shepherds that they must preserve and maintain be it Egun, Hausa, Benin, or Igbo.

The fetish instinct of some Egun prophets has painted other good ones bad for people in Celestial Church in general. Although, not all of them are fetish some of them work with clean hands and pure hearts, in spirit and truth the bad eggs have polluted the good ones.

There was a time a lady told me that many of the Egun Prophets are known for doing devilish spiritual sight and vision to see deeply in the prophetic ministry for their clients or members in the church. This is just a norm in CCC now, many of these young prophets from all tribes are now using voodoo, and talismans to aid with the true work of God.

I think people tagging Egun prophets in a bad light should desist from it and stop castigating certain people to be bad.


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One response to “Egun Prophets: Why Some Celestians Are Afraid Of Them!”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Very dear people of the blessed platform of CNO thank you for this write up that seems to my view, unapropriated for the situation ongoing in CCC.
    God of Pa OSCHOFFA can inspire you thouands and thouands of topics as you would by praying requests.
    Remember please, the name of the CCC was revealed in French, its first revealed songs, the tenets and mode of adoration were also revealed in Egun and in French. He who initiated the choir in CCC in february 1950 (late NATHANIEL A. YANSUNNU, the second in command in CCC till 1970 year of his demise before BADA was risen up) was an Egunman-Yorubaman whose foreparents were from Ijebu Ode but settled down long ago at Ajase. Yoruba developped CCC in sense of number of the church members and parishes (all this according to God’s programm).
    The Founder Himself was an Egunman-Yorubaman (from Ajase) whose origin were from Dassa-Tre-Imeko Abeokuta. Then, can we say that Gods Works through CCC have a nationality, or belong to a tribe? Please everyone in Jesus, while the CCC worlwide is confronted to a dangerous situation, cultist are occupying positions in our Beloved Church, we should all avoid subjects which can bring confusions in the heart of the fold.
    Remember your site is a blessed one actually Worlwide to be spreading good news in order to reinforce our people to soldier on till the end of the tunnel to the light of the day
    God bless His Holy CCC, CNO and everyone in Jesus’Mighty Name: Amen!
    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (

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