Eli-Yabah Or Eli Bamah: Which One Is Appropriate To Use?

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Pepe MejeWhen growing up, the angelic name called after ‘Silent Prayer’ was Eli Bamah Yabah but when I grew up and started making research concerning the doctrine of the church I belong, I saw Eli Bamah in one and another Eli Yabah.

This has become a brain-teasing, manipulative puzzle to me and I have decided to use this medium to know which one is the true name from the two names mentioned above?

Though, some superior leaders in the church once said that the pastor founder of the church once made necessary corrections concerning these names but still, some of the parishes still combine the two or use the one they are comfortable with.

“Pastor Founder Rev. SBJ Oshoffa made all necessary corrections before he was called to Glory, that ELI is God and BAMAH is an Idol god as stated in the book of Ezekiel 20:29, but read the whole of Ezekiel 20:1-30 for better understanding. The corrected name is ELI-YABAH meaning “Lord of Holy Spirit, the defender of all Angels.” Some even say that ELI-BAMAH YABAH it is wrong.

It should be ELI-YABAH. Take note and spread the word.

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23 responses to “Eli-Yabah Or Eli Bamah: Which One Is Appropriate To Use?”

  1. Femi says:

    this writer made costly mistake in his writeup some people came of up err our of their spirit to reach what was not given to them Rom10:9-17, He called the names angelic names these are laughable celestial church of Christ don’t use angelic names all names are God names
    Eli which mean God change whatever Bamah mean.
    2. Eli-Bamah-yabah are in separatable in celestial unguided knowledge without understanding is bring costly errors.
    Eli-bamah-yabah can be see as celestial mode of prayer Jehovah Jesus Christ and Holy Michael
    but in the case of yabah mean Holy Spirit can you talk about trinity and son was missing? let us make our finding before with teach or write
    in Hebrew Bama mean son of prophesy. my question is Who is son of prophesy

  2. Tj says:

    El Morijah
    Eli Bamah- God of High Places
    Eyiba-Lord of mercy
    Eliyah- Lord of Heaven
    Agashadual- King of victory
    Jehovah Jecho Hirami- King of blessing
    El Beraca Bered Eli- King of blessing, we hail Thee

  3. Evangelist Johnson says:

    Bamah is never the name of any idol, Ezekiel 20:29. It is a generic term that refers to a mountain top. It could also refer to the top of a hill or the peak of any summit. The crest of a wave can also also be called bamah. In ancient times people superstitiously believe that gods reside in high places because of their nearness to the skies and heaven so they worship and make sacrifices on any mountain tops. Note that the Ark of covenant was temporarily placed on high place of Jerusalem before Solomon built the permanent temple structure. It was not sin. In the absence of temples people chose mountain tops for worship. For this reason pagans in Canaan of the old testament sacrificed on high places because of its supposedly nearness to their gods in the heavens. Idolatrous kings of old testament Northern Israel worshipped on bamah because they didn’t have a formal temple and many righteous kings of the southern tribe of Judah also followed bamah tradition, 2kings 14:3-4, 15:3-4, 34-35, etc. It was Hezekiah that cleared the high places of any worship, 2kings 18:4. Likewise today, Christians also go to bamah to pray and worship God. Hill-top places are permanent many like these abound in Nigeria in Osun state, Ondo state, Ekiti state, etc. Anywhere they call ORI-OKE is bamah, meaning “ON TOP OF MOUNTAIN” . If Christians go to mountain top to worship, it’s not idolatry. The living God is Omnipresent.
    For Celestial church the compounded name of Eli Bamah-Yabah is the correct chant for liturgy. The constitution is clear in its interpretation as OLUWA OMO EMI- MICHAEL. The word “bamah” in the Celestial word has no bearing to the high places of Israel idolatry. In linguistics, same words can have different meanings in diverse tongues and dialects. No more, no less.

  4. Prophet Tayo Oshodi says:

    Eli Bamah – Yabah is the correct one. God owns all language, but give it to different race with the same pronounce with different meaning. i.e. Arab will say When, an English will also say When both have different meaning. Arab when mean where? ‘ when em chi’ where are you going, an English when ‘what’ when are you coming? so don’t be fool of Language meaning

  5. temilade says:

    eli-yabah is most correct

  6. Dare Jacob says:

    Eli Bamah Yabah

  7. prophect adedokun oluwa seun says:

    Eli bamah

  8. Prophet S.A Adeboye says:

    Bamah is high place then worship idol, Esekiel 20:29, but true Pastor Founder SBJ OSHOFFA God has sanctified the name.

  9. Adesanya Omo Ologo Adebambo says:

    Is there any need for we CELESTIANS to wash our dirty linens outside? If I may ask, why do we like quarrelling on social media? My candid advice is that we that are SPIRITUALLY INCLINED should stop the mess and join hands together in the REBUILDING and NOT REBRANDING the church which the LAST BOAT OF SALVATION. ( Mo nlo sinu Ijo Mimo 2ce, Mo ti f’owo mi ko we ohun rere, Emi ko run pada mo.) Also note that – Gbogbo wa ni yio duro, Niwaju Oluwa, At’ewe ati agba, A yio so r’ojo wa. Gbogbo aiye lo se,Ti won si kuna Ogo Re, Eyin araiye, e y’ara wa gba Jesu. May the God of Celestial be with us all. HALLELUYAH.

    • Oladipo says:

      Amen. HALLELUYAH

    • Emmanuel says:

      Never see any comment or comments here that tarnished the church.. this is the truth people needs to know.. the fast way of broadcasting information is called media.. I was taught with either of the two from the real and the first Celestial service guide (Eli bamah or Eli-yamah… But when I checked through the Constitution it was Eli bamah-yabah… But one thing I realized is that….. Not for here pls. Let realize the truth and follow it, from my Hebrew Bible bamah is a high place to worship idol(gods). So you can deduct the answer. Thanks

  10. EVG ADEBARE Baba igbagbo says:

    very good if Sunday service is Eli bamah yabah but during day service like Monday to Saturday is Eli bamah thank you my name is Evg adebare BABA IGBAGBO

  11. NINIOLA says:

    According to Celestial Constitution this is how it was written there
    Eli-Bamah/Eli-Yabah so we can just make clarification on those signs….That is what We are Expecting from the Elders in the fold not history of Baba told me

  12. E.T says:

    I think this is nothing to do with if one is right or wrong. We’re Christians anything that is not biblical we should throw it away, Since is biblically confirmed that Eli-Bamah is wrong and Eli-Yah is the correct thing, let us put it right, and allow the spirit of God to operate in our midst, Am very happy with my brother that brought this God continue to enable you to do more.

  13. Tomiwa says:

    ELI YABAH is d appropriate one o

  14. John Bada. says:

    The appropriate thing to say is Eli Bamah Yabah but when it comes early morning service you say Eyiba (3 times) before prayer.

  15. Onasanya Adenikemi says:

    Well… BAMAH means the ” HIGH PLACE” where sacrifices are being made to the gods (idols) when the Israelites turned away from God, as read in the book of Ezekiel 20. So, if we say ELI BAMAH, it means god of the high places. I think since the correction has been made and backed up with the scripture, and the meaning explanatory enough, we have to understand the move of the spirit either amendment of the constitution or not. I feel we should just follow suite and call on the LORD OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, the defender of all angels ELI YABAH!

  16. Segun says:

    If I may ask according to our Constitution section 96 talk abt d The meaning of some of these Holy names
    Eh – Yibah Oluwa Alan
    Eli – yah Oluwa Olorun
    Eli – Bamah – Yabah (oluwa – Omo emi Michael)
    Not / dat u can use either

    • Simeon Oluwaseun Adewonise says:

      May the good Lord God of Celestial bless you brother Segun. Anything outside the SBJ Oshoffa signed constitution is trash as far as I am concerned. For those who go about with the amended version of the constitution, take the right step. Seek for the truth and do not sell it, no matter how difficult getting the Oshoffa version is, it is worth it. IT IS ELIBAMAH YABAH (OLUWA OMO EMI MICHAEL)

  17. Prince says:

    When I was young too, it was Eli Bamah Yabah! Now what I hear most people say expecially our elders is either Eli Bamah or Eli Yabah… since Bamah is a name of an idol according to the book of Ezekiel 20 and Yabah is Lord of Holy Spirit, the defender of all Angels… for me I feel Yabah is d right one to use

    • Oladipo says:

      Bamah…actually means HIGH-PLACE, in Hebrew. And Eli…means GOD.
      Eli-Bamah…is ‘GOD OF HIGH PLACE’ and doesn’t necessarily mean idol

  18. prophet. dare busuyi says:

    Elibamah yabah is d correct answer.

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