EMF, Banjo: A Big Fat Lie From Evang. Kayode Ajala

June 27, 2022 / Celestial News Online / On The Spot / 4 Comments »

Does this look like a huge?

Evang. Kayode Ajala is the image-maker for Rev EMF Oshoffa and the illegally instituted team. I have read the 1980 CCC Constitution from front to back and I am yet to see where it is written that a Committee on Press & Publicity should be the one to use their letterhead for media activities of the church. I may be wrong here and I stand to be corrected. But I do not think this is permissive under the constitution of the church.

In his report about what happened in court today;


Following the peace meeting held at the Celestial Church of Christ, Ogudu Cathedral, Ogudu, Lagos, on Friday 6th May 2022, by the parties involved in the case between Most Superior Evangelist Samson Olatunde Banjo and 3 ORS VS Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa and 4 ORS and their counsels, it was unanimously agreed that: Counsels to the parties meet and make recommendation(s) for out of court settlement. At the end of that peace meeting, the Doyen of C.C.C. W/w, Most Superior Evangelist Samson Olatunde Banjo and His Eminence, Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa, Pastor and Head of C.C.C. W/w hugged themselves warmly, in a manner that suggested that a giant leap had been made towards a peaceful resolution of the matter….”

#cno has searched and searched for evidence of his submission above, we never saw any. It is evident that the team EMF are liars and do not mean well for this church.

If you could recall, it was also written by the same office that ‘Doves’ endorsed the leadership of Rev EMF in far away Ivory Coast, but findings revealed that the ‘doves’ were actually pigeons and they are always at the spot where EMF’s car was parked even before his arrival. Anytime, any day, visit the place, the pigeons are there. It was a dove that endorsed and proclaimed Jesus Christ and not a Pigeon.

The peace talk that would have savaged the situation was aborted at Kilometre 35 because of the selfish interest of some people who are allies of EMF. So, for members who should know the truth, note that Rev EMF is not a spirit-filled pastor.

Constitutionally he has failed to fulfil section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution and several self-acclaimed pastors. He has been removed from parading himself as pastor at Ilaro Court since 2015 let alone anointing anyone. The court of appellate is sitting on the matter between him and Rev Shonekan at the Apeal Court Ibadan on Thursday 30th of June, 2022. We shall keep you posted!


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4 responses to “EMF, Banjo: A Big Fat Lie From Evang. Kayode Ajala”

  1. Gbenga Jide Oduyemi says:

    I believe Evangelist Kayode is only doing the work of his paymaster and the known cabal who must have been happy with his write up, but one thing he and his cohorts should realize is that a time will come when God will take over his church and instant judgment shall descend on those who don’t want peace for the church.

  2. Chris . A. Ogbaisi says:

    This is an insult on the personality and pedigree of my big brother Ajala . Imagine you calling publication to alert the public of what is transpiring in the church which you guys kept away from the public a contempt of court on status quo , sound ridiculous to me . I had a deep breath and ask myself this question , can this truly be the same man I rated so high in journalism and professional conduct thinking he is bringing his wealth of experience to sanitize the administration of the church and build positive perception to the image of the church ? This is so sad , truly I overrated him and obviously his context differs from his content or may be over ambition and greed has led him to professional misconduct . When do we want to be out of these mess being perpetuated by the ” obayeje ”
    The word status quo has no form of ambiguity its direct in its interpretation , which is parties to maintain current state of affairs , Pastor not to give appointment or annointment , other parties not to act as their function also for now . Going to the public to notify them through their lawyer is never a contempt of court sir . Infact , I expected you Ajala to have done that on behalf of the church since as the media and publicity head of the church .
    We dont struggle for power or hijack power without grace ,it will be full of obvious blunders , no impact rather crisis and misbehaviour , we should all learn from Jonathan administration full of grace and Buhari desperacy and over ambition full of disgrace . What we are witnessing presently is EMF administration full of disgrace and administrative blunders perpetuated by the ” obaye je , ole , eletan , ajegudu jera, olosa, alainitiju, agba osika” who shows the path of dishonour and public ridicule as against their career and pedigree , they mortgaged the unity and future growth of this church for their selfish gain .
    Watchout for judgement very soon …just that some innocent souls will partkake sake of carelessness and inability to stand on the path of truth .

  3. Iretola Kiki says:

    Kayode has a family to feed, how do you expect him to feed them since he doesn’t have any stable work he does. The back-biter has lost all that have helped his life, he has nothing anymore but the Segun Okeowos of this world to rely on for freebies. Lying has to be his new job now to survive. A supposed superman has now become an ant!

  4. Mr Nahum says:

    Ajala is an image maker …. Cele proclaims itself with its work of miracles, but when miracle no dey again they have to opt for image/propaganda maker. When Segun Okeowo the drug Baron plus 419 genius doesn’have his way out there again, he managed himself into EMF administration and begin to advise him. What advise are you expecting from such people, even Adeniyi an addicted furnicator to the core from LA to imeko ….. Are they not the one who chattered Harlots and Asewos to the street in imeko during the last imeko convocation and even worsen it by stopping our service midway to award the theatre people. What a nonsense ??? and if anybody talk they will choke and persecute such person ….. or can’t you see the ongoing drama in US where Balogun is Goliathically moving around the nation in order to destroy Olorunnishola. And delights in all this. …..DEVIL IS STEADILY TAKING OVER OUR CHURCH and if care is not taken Cele is gradually becoming the next Kerubu and serafu.

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