EMF/ Banjo Saga: The Aroma Of Reconciliation As Perceived By Kayode Ajala

December 5, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

Before they call me out that I have been an enemy to anything EMF, kindly grant me this honour here to clear the air on the insinuation. If there are a thousand people in this church who ever want peace and harmony restored to this church, if I am not first then I should be second to the last.

But, my question is, what peace are we talking about here? How do we reconcile the section of the constitution concerning the seat of the Pastor that is being bastardised? Reconciliation for the registered BoT to be reinstated and the fake one step aside? Who is fooling whom?

Reconciliation that Baba Banjo should rest the case in court and let the fraud and the disorder that has become the order of the day in the church continue? None of the above-mentioned issues has ever been addressed and all they shout all over the place is reconciliation. I don’t think I understand that word better since I didn’t go to school like them.

Below is what Evang Kayode Ajala posted;

The strong and sweet aroma of a possible reconciliation wafted into the nostrils of all devotees present at the Adult Harvest Thanksgiving Service of Celestial Church of Christ, Agidingbi Cathedral, Lagos, on Sunday 4th December, 2022, as His Eminence, Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa, Pastor and Supreme Head of C.C.C. W/w and Most Superior Evangelist S.O. Banjo, Doyen, C.C.C. W/w, met at the event.

The duo appeared to put aside all differences, as well as the memories of an ongoing litigation between the dissolved Board of Trustees and the Pastor and Supreme Head of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide, as they exchanged cordial greetings and had a warm conversation to the delight of all present.

Many opine that this is a positive signal that the collapsed peace and reconciliation process between the litigants in the ongoing matter at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos, would be rekindled shortly.”


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2 responses to “EMF/ Banjo Saga: The Aroma Of Reconciliation As Perceived By Kayode Ajala”

  1. Mordecai says:

    There is no clash between EMF and Baba Banjo because EMF has no capacity or reason to fight Baba Banjo, after all, both of them know that it was Banjo that made EMF the Pastor.
    It’s a known fact, that EMF has no aspiration to be CCC pastor, not the anointing, he is ready to leave anytime also, but the problem is those using Pa SBJ Oshofa’s clout and position to play politics of destabilization in Celestial.

  2. Celestial E Ronu ooo says:

    Why dis the same person that wrote this letter, was also the one who led the team to Mokola and declared publicly that the pastor is in Ajase and will be coming back at night. Ajala, se you dey wine us niii? Why should we believe what hes

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