EMF/BoT Court Saga: Here Are The Opinions Of 7 Members

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After the outcome of the court today, several members of the church via the Celestial Discuss FB page have seriously spoken their minds on the embarrassing court case. Though, before it became an issue, an effort was made by the plaintiffs to make the defendant and his unlawfully installed team see reasons they should cream a room for dialogue.

One of the close allies of Rev EMF, Prophet Soyemi was alleged to have raised a false alarm that EMF was to be arrested, kidnapped et al by the registered BoT. ‘Bi iwo ba se rere’…, anyway, this was revealed in a Facebook video post of Oluso Amadi Opudu a few months ago.

Well, a new date has been fixed, Thursday 13, October 2022 but some members have totally condemned the acts of the elders in totality.

Here is what they said individually.

“They will continue to postpone….court case is physical, it’s a spiritual thug of war that deals with candles and extreme Babalawo work at play…aim at the court case not holding but Everlasting postponement.. spiritual work is the other of the day.” Melvin Kelly

“I laughed you all elders please and please continue even go to world wide supreme court and judge your self shame on you all you that majority are looking and seeking the glory of God from you rubish your self like putting red oil inside white don’t you know you have stain your self publicly and I don’t blamed you all, see now and Baba Banjo and Baba oshin can not instruct you people to stop this rubish you all are doing at list they all started this but one thing I know our hym book says : gbogbo was nio duro niwaju oluwa ATI ewe ATI agba ao SI rojo wa, he says again baba Joko sinu tempili o mami o ohun to aiye Mami shae,he says again Jesu emimo ni okan mimo ni eni bafe sin Jesu agba ona toto rokoto, instead of you to find solution to Nigeria you bizy carting your self to court because money,post and power,that is how you all mislead baba Bada till he run us to where we are today,see I tell you all today go back and sit dawn and call holy spirit to lead us again even Nigeria is tasty of holy spirit from celestial church of Christ thank you all please and please.” – Dare Covenant

“I am so disturbed and VERY a shame that our leaders WHOM we looked up as a semi GOD are not disturbed and ashame of GOING TO court to resolve THEIR differences.
Is CCC not a Church of Christ?
ARE THESE our leaders no LONGER filled with the holy spirit?
WHAT then is disturbing in the House settlement.
Is our pastor not ashamed also of GOING TO court with the bot at all times?
WHY can’t the pastor play the fatherly role and HENCE put Satan to Shame by inviting the bot members for a lasting solution.
If there is a problem in THIS Church, does it mean there are no competent leaders in CCC again to resolve it?
It is a big shame going to Court all the time o jareeeeeee without a meaningful solution.
What the situation portends is THAT the court is not interested in CCC brouhaha.
Go and settle YOUR MATTER in House.”- Omola Kayode Clement

“This is serious I don’t think the court is even ready, to, give any judgment now they are still eating money the money they suppose help less privilege in their church.”- Monisola Oginleye

“Angels, that want to clean the world?

It’s a pity how the church has brought herself this low where it is being tossed back and forth, and she claims to have the holy spirit.

Isn’t it time the church look up to the holy spirit, while in humility and total submission to God?”- Samuel Ege

“Black people did not believe in structure. That’s why their countries and religious institutions are un-understandable to greater people and countries of the world. Unlike the white people, they will destroy the original structure and form their own.

Imagine, the church has started having pastors in different countries now.

The Bible says:
If the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do…..

No philosopher to think.

The covenant given to Papa SBJ is manifesting, the church is spreading with the great spread but with no coordination.

Well, God bless all of us in Jesus’ name.” Olabinjo Olusola

Omola Kayode Clement

Olabinjo Olusola

Akinleye Ajibike Ibironke

Samuel Ege

Melvin Kelly

Monisola Ogunleye

Dare Covenant

“God will help us. This situation is not affecting Celestial church alone. Human being is always human. Those denominations that their founders have gone beyond, it had happened and is still happening, Those whose founders are still living, there are some of their clergymen, doing funny things, secretly under them. Eventually, when they are called, such things would come to pass. It’s very saddening, but there’s nothing we can do about it. God is looking. They have forgotten what was happening before the pastor got to the seat. Let them continue.”- A. Ajike Ibironke


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3 responses to “EMF/BoT Court Saga: Here Are The Opinions Of 7 Members”

  1. Jk says:

    What’s Baba oshin stand in this case,…..we are tired of court going oooo since baba owodunni and supreme time

  2. Zaccheus says:

    The Court is not the problem of the Church, rather, our Church created the problem for itself, if Celestial Church of Christ failed to resolve the enormous disputes internally, then, there will be no other option, than to make recourse to the Law Court. I pray at the end of the trial, justice will not only be done, but, would be seen by all to have been done.

  3. Jite says:

    They are all on points. God bless you all

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