EMF, Team Banned From Calvary As Lawyer Writes Ketu To Stay Off Property

June 10, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Church Build-up / 15 Comments »


We are Solicitors to Celestial Church of Christ (Calvary Parish 1) of li 3, 5, & 7 Calvary Close, Aguda, Ogba, Lagos State (“our clients”) on whose authority and instructions we act in respect of the above subject matter.

Our client has informed us that you purportedly invited them to a meeting at your residence in Magodo Lagos on 9th June 2022 over the affairs of their Parish, and at the said meeting, you purportedly dissolved all standing committees of their Parish including its Council of Elders. In addition, you removed the Shepherd and directed that another Shepherd will be posted to the Parish in due course.

NOW TAKE NOTICE THAT our clients are of the candid view that you did not set up the Parish with your funds from the Headquarters and therefore you have no unilateral power or authority to dissolve any administrative or advisory organ of the Parish because you did not put them in place in the first instance and it is our instruction to inform you that your verbal dissolution orders to the Parish are null, void and of no consequences whatsoever and the Parish shall not abide by it.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT our clients will not grant you and your aids access to its altar and the Parish will not accept any further posting of any Shepherd from you or the Headquarters until our clients feel otherwise.

We hereby transmit our clients’ Resolution on the matter to your office. Please find attached herewith the Resolution of Celestial Church of Christ (Calvary Parish 1) dated 29th May 2022 containing additional decisions of our clients in respect of the internal administration and management of their Parish for your information and proper guidance.

We thank you for your kind attention.”

#cno reliably gathered that one Mr. Olayiwola received the letter with the waybill number 2006134 on behalf of EMF. When we were singing it like a proverb to Rev. EMF and his team, they think they have one power somewhere to use on the people, it is the people that have the power, court has removed him as Pastor since 2015, he is an illegal occupant of that position and he has no authority whatsoever to use on anyone except those gullible followers who are blind to the truth.

If every parish follows this order of Calvary Parish, they will be quick to realise that they are already gone. Bye Ketu, Bye Rev EMF Oshoffa!


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15 responses to “EMF, Team Banned From Calvary As Lawyer Writes Ketu To Stay Off Property”

  1. Akinyemi Oladele says:

    It’s time for the idiots to question the authority of the Pastor because they have lost out in scheme of things. When they’re indirectly looting the church treasury. EMF was chosen by spiritual process. When they are getting unbudgetted over blowing up contract to themselves and their cronies, EMF is the best Pastor. The BOT is the best things that happened to CELE until their relevance fade off. Note: Ijo mimo Ko le baje. Those thinking otherwise shall soon get their rewards thru Pastor SBJ Oshoffa decree as stated in Deut 31vs 26-29. E Mura sii.

  2. Aiyekooto says:

    If the law has rendered the pastor powerless since 2015, why is he still the pastor then?
    An end needs to be put to all these nonsense in the church.
    Everyone needs to tread softly so that they don’t see the wrath of God.

  3. Bro Gbenga says:

    We are waiting for them . We will stone the hell out of them .

  4. Superior Michael says:

    Yes this is not a new things, and we should be expecting more of this, I use to saying it time without number, this man is not the spiritual head of celestial church of Christ, we don’t need to be deceiving ourself, a set of group just purported d story with fake prophecy and installed this man called EMF, since when he came on board serving close to 20 years now, no improvement at all both spiritual and physically, in the church, let’s leave his health issue, what of Baba Obadare in C.A.C. then u will know that God really called him, God cannot call person to lead a spiritual church like this without gift of authority, through their sermon, prayers, and it will not be love of this worldly things, if our is deliver d sermon u will see half of d church done sleep during his ministers to d congregation, if it is prayers nothing to write about, common headache pastor cannot pray and headache will desapiar, he only good for disolution of the parishes…God will help us in this church o!

  5. Akanbi Gbenga says:

    The BIGGEST ERROR was Pastor EMF Oshoffa to have allowed some hangers on around him SUCCEED in causing WAHALA between himself and his beloved son KS ADEYINKA. The powerful people around Pastor tried to reduce and humiliate this man. Even after OBEYING their orders of needlessly punishing him by sending him to Kaduna where he was rejected. Everyone has his own calling and GOD HAS HIS WAYS OF FIGHTING AND DEFENDING HIS OWN. My advice is LET Pastor EMF draw KS ADEYINKA in. Let them pray together and all this problems would be SOLVED IMMEDIATELY.

  6. Alagba Abayomi says:

    Why is it that any church Evang KS is being posted to always ends with one problem or the other.

  7. Chris . A. Ogbaisi says:

    The hunter become the hunted and the bush meat become the hunter . What a funny church and our comedian Pastor with his set of blind and idle advisers .
    Wherever holy spirit dwell, truly lies everlasting joy , peace and harmony . Obviously somany flaws being perpetuated by the Pastor EMF to distablise the church and distract members of the church from pursuing kingdom call and be heavenly conscious has further reveal to me that EMF was appoihted by man not holy spirit . It has further make me believe that lies and falsehood prophecies have been on in the church for decades , ” o ma se o” .
    Firstly he started internationally from the US , down to Uk later to Ivory Coast now back to Nigeria . ” Daddy wa kilode , se asasi la ma pe eleyi ni , abi o ti lowo aiye nu” . I mean somany obvious blunders and impunities that further enmesh the church in serious disarray , bad advice from people who surrounded the Pastor manipulating him to act against the wish of his members .
    Being a Pastor does not automatically make you an Emperor , being a BOT member also did not automatically make you a sole decision maker , in the first instance , who made you the chairman of the BOT ? PIC members, do they have the legal back up and capacity ? The answer is no. The constitution you referred to that made you act has been pronounced historical book ,yet you still refer to it to guide against your actions , to worsen it all, by court pronouncement in all honesty , we donot have a Pastoral head rather a ceremonial or honorary head and that is the honest and bitter truth . Unfortunately pettiness and sentiments has beclouded our sense of reasoning , our level of illiteracy is excessive that it has outweigh those who are learned . The Pastor can not for now pronounce anything and it will be effective until all matters in court are resolve . Only what he can be doing for now and he has been effective is showcasing himself round various parishes with ” Jesu ti joba ” infact it should be changed to ” Baiye ko mo mi , sugbon awon temi mo mi , eke mimo so ba imole wo le ”
    We need to be honest with ourselves , those advising the Pastor or should i say manipulating him for personal vendatta move are creating more problems for him . May be you think “Jah kira hijah” will upturn court ruling or save the pastor from contempt of court . Its ok we are watching and time is coming we will start pointing accusing fingers at the real culprits perpectuating all these funny acts .
    Calvary case obviously , Kayode Ajala will not deny that he is not a silent and smooth operator in this whole saga and if not why cant he genuinely advice the pastor to stay caution and pursue the peaceful coexistence of the church , pursue kingdom project more than earthly project .
    You cannot build something on nothing , the law has pronounced you powerless why not tidy up that area , rather making it obvious to all your area of deficiencies.
    So sad, these advisers are dull and not from the school of “strata ego”. You first work through power of espionage to distabilise and create internal rivalries from sect to sect , units ,et all . This will eventually make them cry to you as an Arbitrator then you can now establish yourself with your strategic move . This is from the school of Nicole Marchiavelli . ” End justify the means” The king attain and retain power no matter how dirty it is .
    Advisers go and learn the dirty way or stop digging more pits and creating more problem for the pastor . Also , since our Pastor is not holy spirit sent , then he should apply the scripture that says ” wise like the serpent and calm like the dove” .
    I really pray for my church , for me and my entire household , salvation is our pursuit ,nomatter how sweet the world is , we shall all depart one day .

  8. Samuel says:

    This is very simple,Baba Banjo is in the best position to tackle this issue without no wasting of time as the only BOT who has the audacity to claim or argue on CAC used by any parish whom deem fit to act otherwise. If you’re not interested to be part desist from using slogan,logo others from your parish. We must practice MOU as ethics of you using anyone asset.. This is where Pastor EMF Oshoffa needs to reconcile with Baba Banjo without wasting anytime to avert unseen chaos and shame in the fold.

  9. OGUNDIJO IFE says:


  10. M/C Adeyemo says:

    Rev . EMF is the problem of celestial. How can you dissolve the council of elders of a parish ? It sounds absurd?

  11. Iron Monkey says:

    We always say KETU this, KETU that, who is Ketu sef?
    The guys in the corridor of power lack qualitative leadership traits, their power can be found in hooliganism and sabotaging of due process.
    This is just the beginning, many parishes will follow suit.

  12. Alàgbà says:


  13. Leader Leke says:

    Very unfortunate

  14. Observer says:

    Ketu is already powerless.

  15. Alagba kunle says:

    This is a sad development and if care is not taken Ketu will be rendered powerless. Be warned

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