EMF Team: If After 3 Years You Could Not Raise N1B With Such Inflows, Shame On You All- Chris

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“Alonge, leave all these comedians alone, that meeting was a reaction to the CCC calvary parish crisis not a response to the yawning of Celestians worldwide.
This will continue to emanate because the majority have been tagged as illiterates and easy to push over while few elites who will never want to be stained with any form of atrocities or scared of the ” Babalawo Celestial ” have decided to stay neutral and watch event has it unfolds.
Why would you call a meeting of this nature and fail to give members detailed reports of your activities from various units of the PIC you created. There should be feedback from their respective meetings in the area of deliverables, challenges and way forward. I never had anything of such.
What baffles me more is that Alagba Soyemi who has been an advocate of transparency and accountability in the previous administration cannot champion the same course now. No wonder they say, spectators are better players than the footballers in any football competition.
When they asked Alagba Gabriel Oschoffa to give a blueprint of the Celestial City infrastructural development, there was no reflection or reference from the previous handlers which means no proper handshake between the old and new. Is that a system we want to continue to operate in this church? There would have been a proper handover or follow-up from where it was stopped. What justifies the financial estimation of over #858m without considering the previous committee budget and structural design taking into consideration recent hyperinflation. We need to stop making a mockery of ourselves in public.
Who are the contractors you want to hire for these various projects, what has been their profile in terms of previous engagement locally and internationally? Are they the likes of G. CAPPA, HFP, Elanla , CCECC et al . When I heard 858m I just laughed and say this is the usual Celestial wastage we keep recycling with our poor philosophy? The CIUN has a comprehensive business plan which even requires review in line with economic reality, Basilica has its own project blueprint which has BOQ for landscaping from the previous contractors and committee, did they visit these books or carry these committees along before coming with this unrealistic figure. The last time Bishop Oyedepo reported on the new ARK let people listen to him and figure out if that dream will not see the light of the day. What is our problem is this church? Who did this to us for God’s sake? We’re all not idiots if at all these drivers are not ok we are ok and knowledgeable, we see what our other compares are doing why can’t we emulate this for once? Owo Igba, Itore Anu, and Idamewa cannot build the future of this church, there is what we call strategic alliance and partnership to grow income, effective asset management taking advantage of our teeming population and our taste for anointment and spirituality to grow wealth for the church as a body. Imeko repositioning through State / federal government empowerment scheme can also do a lot of magic Research and development have to be harnessed for effective asset management.
Must it be tied to Oschoffa lineage? That’s the area of concern. The last time, Gabriel Oschoffa quoted 60m naira for clearing of the 300 hectares for the proposed site for CIUN, I was part of the committee that objected to this, rather the funds are channelled into the purchase of dry plants such as wheel loader, Bulldozer and tipper so that the university can have an asset in the register. Imagine that money was approved and disbursed then, with the lockdown, EndSars and suspension on the project as a result of Rev Emf/ Prophet Shoyemi self ambition, that would have been another wastage with nobody to take responsibility or prosecuted. This is bad management and the same person is here quoting #858m for infrastructural development of Imeko city with no relation to external contractors sorry it’s unacceptable. There must be concurrence sake of going concerned..if he falls out with the EMF team the project is abandoned and another team takeover. Bada built toilets that were abandoned by the 70th-anniversary committee to build another same way it will continue.
Why buy additional land when you fail to develop existing land with infrastructure or facilities such as make-up shift for camping, solar panel for electrification, and road networks to further divert traffic during convocation.
The fact is stakeholders’ meeting, would have come up with the following reports ;
1. Action was taken by the ethics and disciplinary committee on anointment abuse and financial misappropriation during the anointment.
2. Action was taken by the PIC youth and development to ensure youth are adequately integrated into the church and work towards curbing various ministries springing up to the detriment of the church. Also, what is the succession plan for the church so that the youth will not feel sidelined? Finally, what efforts or strategies are in place to harmonise various factions and bring them under one umbrella.
3. Update report on seminary and approved strategy documents for the new institutions. That avenue would have been ideal to showcase the new vision of the seminary.
4. Finance Finance Finance … I expected more to have been said on this to give people confidence that this new administration is prudent. If after 3 years of being in charge and you could not raise 1b. Naira after so many inflows anointment and returns, then shame on you all!”

Evang. Chris Ogbaisi.


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