EMF: The 6-Fold Sinful Propaganda And Black Lies In A Publication

June 5, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / Add Comment »

I am sure a few members of the church might have seen a certain magazine (namewitheld) that carries some falsehood about the leadership of Rev EMF. Articles that have no foundation or basis in fact. The purpose of the purported published magazine seems to be to spread falsehood and propaganda to all CCC members worldwide.

The majority of those that commented in the edition just published are members of the unconfirmed Pastor-in-Council body, whose assignment is to blindly defend the illegitimacy of Rev EMF as Pastor and confuse weak-minded members of CCC worldwide.

Unfortunately, those who claim to be leaders and wear white garments every Sunday are involved in this plot to spread such blatant misinformation, lies and conjectural reports because they want to be in power by all means. I believe they may have been forced to take an oath and defend an illegitimate ‘Pastor’ at whatever cost.

It is a pity that people sell their souls and integrity for power and monetary benefits. The following are the few falsehoods out of many that #cno has decided to expose to CCC members worldwide.

“Being the only Pastor to last for this long after the church Founder shows God is truly with Pastor EMF”
-Kayode Ajala

That is not the truth. The truth is that Rev. EMF was wrongly installed as Pastor from day one, just as Baba Bada was improperly installed as Pastor.
Baba Bada spent 15 years on the throne before the Supreme Court dethroned him. EMF spent 13 years on the throne before being removed by the High Court at llaro. In that sense, Baba Bada lasted longer on the throne than Rev. EMF.

Clearly, EMF has not ruled for twenty years, full stop. I do not wish Rev. EMF any evil, but please, let us speak the truth always, and let the devil be ashamed. The people who made Rev. EMF have now taken him to court to challenge his pastoral powers. Rev. EMF was never a genuine Pastor and will never be because he was never called by God to serve in that capacity. Even he, himself knows that he was never called. He had no premonition of becoming what he is today. The Punch Newspapers interview he granted years ago has revealed it all.

He is a factional leader, and he was imposed on CCC members out of desperation, just like many of them were led by the spirit of error to self-proclaim as Pastors. Wrongly occupying the Pastor’s seat through high-level manipulation and as influenced by the Spirit of error does not equate to the approval of God for him.

The devil has occupied his demonic throne for a long time since his fall in the Garden of Eden. Does that mean that God is with the devil? We have had many corrupt leaders in Nigeria that have been stealing for more than 20 years and are still flouting their muscles. Does that mean that God is in support of corruption or the leaders? Priest Eli and King Saul each lasted 40 years as leader of leaders, but died miserable deaths at the end of their tenures, because they were rejected by God for deceptive practices.

According to scripture, the only way to tell if God is with someone is by their fruits not by how long they manipulated the system to their advantage. Their character is the main determinant of their nature. What are the fruits of Rev. EMF? For the first 13 years of his reign, there was no financial record as disclosed by the treasurer of the registered Trustees before he assumed the office.

The selling of anointment oil for an excessive amount and the issuing of fake certificates by some of his cronies is the new normal under the watch of Rev. EMF. It reminds me of the dark side of the Catholic Church, which had struggles with corrupt Popes that sold indulgences. Members were misled that they could pay for their sins ahead of the sin to be forgiven. The greater the proposed sin, the higher the cost. Compared to the present-day Celestial Church, the higher the title, the higher the price.

What a disgrace and spiritual abuse of unsuspecting members and a betrayal of the legacy of Papa SBJ Oshoffa.
For 20 years of leadership, no signs, no wonders, or miracles. Even the recent 10 million Naira Abuja revival did not produce the healing of one headache.

Instead, it was a trip of propaganda, fanfare and lies to support an illegitimate ‘Pastor’. After twenty so-called dark years of failed leadership, Rev. EMF is in court with the registered Trustees. There is chaos in the United States Diocese and more chaos in the Ivory Coast Diocese. The list of problems caused by Rev. EMF and his cronies is endless… TO BE CONTINUED


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