EMF: The Six-Fold Sinful Propaganda And Black Lies In A Publication (3)

June 7, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »


Evangelist Barrister Olawole Famakinwa, a member of the unrecognised MPIC, stated in the fake Magazine: “When he is supposed to be our king, why do we think we can curtail his power? Why do we think we can tell him what to do when he is in charge, and the constitution in Section 108 gives him limitless power? Even to me, he has not started using all the powers at all. The only time he used one of his constitutional powers was when the MPIC asked him to do certain things, which he did on their order. ..”

If we have to be truthful here, this is the most embarrassing statement to have ever been credited into the account of Barrister Famakinwa since I have known him. As an Ijesha man, we call a spade a spade irrespective of who or what you are. Reading through the magazine, what #cno encountered, is indeed shameful.

I wonder what has happened to those zeals, enthusiasm, and fanatism Barrister Michael Oluwole Famakinwa was using then to correct this same leadership about their anomalies and errors.  To hear reputable and respected UK trained legal luminary talk like this shows that there is no man without a price; it doesn’t have to come in a monetary format.

From one side of his mouth, he said why do we think we can tell Rev. EMF what to do? Then within the same sentence, from the other side of his mouth, he said the MPIC ordered Rev. EMF to do a certain thing, and he carried out their order. That is what we call an oxymoron during my time as a Literature Student. It is a classic manipulation of a weak leader by power-hungry-control-freaks. What the unregistered MPIC asked EMF to do from an earlier story, which was circulated on social media, was to fire members of the Registered Board of Trustees so that they could take over the leadership of the church. This sounds like an operation carried out by “Church Mafias.” How can illegal and unregistered members of MPIC mandate Rev. EMF to fire the Doyen of CCC, whose dad, Papa SBJ Oshoffa appointed? That is illegality on rampage. Rev. EMF obeyed their orders without thinking. Such a leader is truly unfit to lead because he is subject to the manipulations of others.

Mr. Famakinwa also mentioned the constitution in Section 108. Section 108 of the 1980 Constitution indeed gives unlimited power to the Pastor. To exercise such powers, you must be genuinely chosen by the Holy Spirit so that the Holy Spirit can speak through you at all times. Such power is not meant for impostors or Con artists. The Holy Spirit is truly the custodian of such power and will apply it only as needed through a genuine successor.

The carnally-minded and greedy would abuse the use of such power as being severally demonstrated by Rev. EMF and his cronies. They are constantly seeking refuge from the 1980 CCC constitution that brought down Rev. EMF in 2015. Even Barrister Famakinwa himself was a witness to that court proceedings. That is why we need a Holy Spirit chosen successor with a God-fearing team to occupy such a seat.

However, that same constitution was used to dethrone Rev. EMF in 2015 because he did not satisfy the requirements of section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution. It is like a dead man trying to use the gun that killed him to fight back. That is impossible because once a gun has killed you, you cannot have access to that gun again.

The truth is that EMF cannot exercise any power from the 1980 CCC Constitution because, like Baba Bada, Baba Owodunni, Baba Jesse, Baba Agbaossi, Baba Maforikan, Baba Shonekan none of them has a shred of evidence in conformity to section 111 of the constitution neither can they explain their personal encounter with the Holy Spirit they claim chose them. To Be Continued


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