EMF: The Six-Fold Sinful Propaganda And Black Lies In A Publication (4)

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The following is an unedited quotation from the Publication:
“While responding to the question of whether there should still be any doubts that Rev. EMF is right for the position looking at the number of years he had successfully spent on the throne, despite some claims that CCC does not yet have a Pastor based on its constitution as the church Founder never pronounced anyone’s name to succeed him when he departed to glory.

Mr. Okeowo said: To the people making these claims, my question to them is why didn’t they raise that issue when he was yet to become the Pastor? Why is it now that they remember that CCC has a constitution that says this or says that? Was there no constitution at the time they brought him in? So why is it now that they are coming to say that section 108 or 109 says this or that?”

A constitution truly adhered to, is a necessity for any orderly society or group. Only a dictatorship or an anarchical assemblage of people can exist without one.
For your information Mr. Okeowo, the constitution was written by the Pastor Founder to set boundaries and protect the church and the seat of the Pastor from falsehood. It was the constitution that exposed the lies of Rev. Bada after 15 years. The constitution prevented Baba Owodunni from hijacking the Founder’s seat after 15 years of attempts.

The constitution has exposed all the falsehoods that brought Rev. EMF to the throne. Note that a lie may last for twenty years, but one day the truth will come out. The Justices of the Supreme Court tested the constitution, and they concluded that Baba Bada and Baba Owodunni did not meet the requirements. The high court in llaro agreed with the Supreme Court that Rev. EMF and Rev. Shonekan did not meet the standard set by section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution.

Presently, the constitution is again on trial at the Federal High Court Ikoyi. It is any man’s guess what the Federal High Court will decide. Therefore, Alagba Okeowo, the issue of the constitution has been on the table even before Rev. EMF was wrongly installed as ‘Pastor.’

The only way for the church to move forward is for the instructions given by the Pastor Founder through his written and verbal will to be carried out. The constitution remains the rock of the Celestial Church of Christ. We cannot escape the infallibility of Section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution. It is the shield and the fortress that preserves the sacredness of the Pastor’s seat.

Rev. EMF is not a genuine Pastor because he falls short where the 1980 CCC Constitution is concerned.!

To be continued…


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