EMF: The Six-Fold Sinful Propaganda And Black Lies In A Publication (6)

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According to Evangelist Henry Adelakun, “when EMF took over, we only had a few parishes under the trustees’ stream. Still, now he has won virtually all the Celestial Church of Christ parishes across the globe. He has brought back all the big Celestial Churches to the Ketu stream, which has become the largest and mainstream of CCC Worldwide now. Since the Pastor took charge, many churches that were under the diocesan stream have pledged their allegiance back to the Ketu stream. This is a clear sign of a unifying leadership.”

The statement of Mr. Adelakun cannot be fully verified. It is a partial truth that Ketu is the largest faction and will always be. But many of those parishes are loyal to Papa SBJ Oshoffa of blessed memory, not to Rev. EMF. So you have more people within and outside the Ketu faction that reject EMF but remain loyal to Papa SBJ Oshoffa. Ketu Faction will probably always remain the largest faction because that was the Foundation of the Church in Nigeria as established by the Founder. The growth of the Church has nothing to do with Rev. EMF. If anything, the contrary is the case. EMF has done everything to destroy the legacy of Papa Oshoffa, but the Holy Spirit and angels of God will never allow him to succeed. For instance, the fact that he fired Baba Banjo was because his sycophants asked him to. That is disrespectful to the legacy of his father. He is now enjoying the grace of the Founder in Nigeria and enjoying the illegal anointing money and financial support from most Nigerian parishes and members. But this same Rev. EMF worked so hard and tried to take the Founder’s body to Port Novo against the written will of the Founder. If not for the strong will of Prophetess Edith Oshoffa, who fought hard to see that the will of the Father came to pass, Rev. EMF would have deprived Nigeria of the glory of hosting the burial place of a great man of God.

This man, EMF does not even care about the written and spoken will of his Dad. He cares about the money and the glory, even if it means raising sycophants to help him push his self-centred agenda or flagrantly disobeying court orders.

After the death of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, the leadership decided to walk in deception. As a result, the Church split into three major factions: Baba Bada, Baba Owodunni, and Baba Agbaossi. After the death of Baba Bada, we had more splits, Rev. Jesse, Baba Lagun and Baba Orovboni, Baba Olu Oshodi, Baba Akinsoji, Rev. Adeogun, Rev. Omoge, Rev. Adetunji, Rev. Shonekan; Baba Johnson Banmeke, Prophetess Edith Oshoffa and countless more.

All these names mentioned are independent factions, and none of them had returned to Ketu. The truth is that factionalism under Rev. EMF got worse than it has ever been in the history of CCC Worldwide. Some of these factions are big, and some are very small. For instance, we are not confident that Rev. Shonekan has more than two parishes under him. But Rev. Adeogun has a majority of the Francophone countries under him.

There are probably more independent Parishes under Ketu than we can imagine. It is only time and proper structure and accountability that can give us the true state of the Church.
Mr. Adelakun also described Rev. EMF as a unifying leader.
With the present confusion and division that has plagued the church in the last few months, I wonder how anybody can see Rev. EMF as a unifying leader. That is very far from the truth. Perhaps, my latent knowledge of the English Language doesn’t make me understand the word ‘Unifying Leader’.

What these people who are talking from the two sides of their mouths should know is that; quite a large number of people who returned to Ketu happened because of the relentless effort of people like Baba Nunayon, Baba Banjo, Baba Haastrup, my good friend, Alagba Pius Olarewaju to move the church forward.

If any tributes should be given, these are men who made a lot of things happen. Men and women of valour, Baba Ladi Adedibu, Dr. Gbenga Daniel-Adebayo, Baba Ogunremi even Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi, Baba Olorunnisola and all the US Diocese under him then as a body.

These are but a few people I could remember at the time of writing this report, who help change the narrative of the Basilica that the EMF led team points to today as their only achievement…What an error!

Many of these followers of falsehood are blind to the truth, they will always say what will make them retain their titles in the illegal lower house.

Is it not shameful that these are things they know but feign ignorance? Are they supposed to continue to lie about something that is an open secret? It is a sorry sight when people who are to be upright in their acts and deeds have become puppets, and now are strangers to the truth?

I pray for God’s time to come speedily, so we can know who is on the side of truth or lie. They have all forgotten that TIME is the tiny line between Truth and Lie. Time, they say, will tell.


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