EMF US Trip: How Doors Were Locked Against Him In California, Dallas

September 17, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 8 Comments »

This USA visit of Rev EMF Oshoffa under his HoD, Olaitan Balogun may probably be one of the most unpleasant trips he has ever embarked upon with his wife, Celine since he emerged as the leader.

We all know that a good leader is someone who genuinely cares about others and has a desire to serve. As Pastor Rev, Spiritual Head, CCC Worldwide as EMF Oshoffa claims to be or called by his followers, his responsibility is to serve those he has been given the privilege to lead and thrive to be an excellent communicator. But he has scored highly low in any of the above.

His presence in America which should have been the best way to bring peace to the warring parties in the Diocese was used to promote an expired product and sales of anointment- his usual style.

True leaders are responsive and reliable and deliver on their commitments but nothing of that nature has happened in the case of Rev EMF Oshoffa as almost 70% of parishes in America shut the doors of their parishes against him.

Of course, they are going to say all is well whereas, nothing is well at all. The only place they were able to penetrate was Oshoffa Parish due to the lackadaisical attitude of Solomon Max, their formal leader, who, we gathered, did not do a thorough analysis of how to fight his battle.

#cno was reliably informed a few days ago that eight out of the nine parishes in California were locked against EMF. More importantly the mother parish. So, if we may ask, what success has this trip recorded? Nothing compared to when all was well and under one central control or authority.

The majority of the parishion ers in Dallas vehemently rejected Rev EMF Oshoffa’s offer of Anointment. They even refused to contribute $250 meant to ‘take care’ of him before his arrival.

The people in Dallas, #cno learnt,  didn’t take part in the donation because the Diocese leadership could not provide an accurate answer on the benefits for such donations to their parish.

We only hope this desecration of the seat of the pastor will stop soon. May God take control of His church in Jesus’ name! Amen!


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8 responses to “EMF US Trip: How Doors Were Locked Against Him In California, Dallas”

  1. Michael says:

    Idiot Alonge. This is my country. Do they deport citizens in your country? 😀😀😀. So you are actually praying to come here? And you are causing such a great confusion and promoting hatred and rebellion? The gate has been shut against you. You will die trying.

    • The Almighty that has caused light to leave the dark cloud today will shut the gate of favour, glory, and honour against you. Whatever your name is as you have wished me, it will come back to you. You will think you are catching a cruise, but you be sorry but it will be too late when calamities start to fall on you. Everything I have said at this moment will start to manifest speedily, none will go without being fulfilled in Jesus’ name. You asked for it and now you have it. Amen!

  2. Michael says:

    Liar! You are in Nigeria and sending fake unverified news about what is happening here, just to mislead the public. May you never have any opportunity to come here.

    • May you be sent back home with disgrace and may your garment of honour honour turned to garment or disgrace in Jesus mighty name. It shall speedily come to pass before the end of this season in Jesus name. Amin. Anything you wish me, I wish you triple of it from now on and former more. Awe gun, ko de yo pass laye ati layelaye

  3. Omo Majemu says:

    Crisis everywhere since Pius and Baba Banjo left this guy, so they were the ones covering things up for him since? Olorun mu gbogbo yin, e sese bere ni!

  4. Solomon G. O. says:

    Anyone who sees EMF as a pastor is dead but I my living. Which past hin be, pastor of jekudujera. The entire Oshoffa’s children are rogues from head to toe. The one that is not in the church siphoning church money is somewhere acting like touts. The female ones are worst. They can fuck anything inside trouser for peanut. How many husbands does yemi had? Deborah nko? Folake Ejoor, rachel, Dianne, all are prostitutes, you may think they are married but they are crying inside because many of their husbands are boxers, they beat them like a punching bag. Imagine that! They are not following the instruction of their fada that is why their lives are what it is today. One is even worried that her husband is always sleeping with her two daughters. A bunch of nonentity.

  5. Omocele says:

    Alonge I can now understand the faction you belong to

  6. Truth spreader says:

    Stop spreading lies.. both factions have the same amount of parishes in the diocese. The Headquarters under Balogun in California is Sanctuary of the Lord Parish which the Pastor visited. Only 3 parishes are under Olorunisola in Texas and only one is in dallas.. meanwhile the remaining 16 parishes are under Balogun.

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