EMF vs. Baba Banjo: Does This Look Like A Hug? See Video Evidence

June 28, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

Dear readers, watch this short video very well, what manner of hug is this? French or Spanish? This is the video Evang Kayode Ajala referred to in his article that the warring elders hugged and made peace.

You see, the truth is, they are hiding a lot of things from the church. The fraud committed by this regime has never been done in the history of the church. The records are there.

For those who care to know, it is the EMF caucus that has not in any sense displayed the spirit of oneness, love and peace. The man sitting on the throne, as wrongly said by many, is a ‘nice man’, ‘cheerful giver’, ‘lover of peace and unity, and ‘respecter of God and humanity.’

Brethren, it is all a bunch of lies, he is nothing close to the listed characteristics let alone having one. The video of the meeting at Baba Obasanjo has said it all. Crafty is the best word to describe a character like that.

You see, you can not give what you don’t have. The spirit and ability to restructure the church is not in him or any of those who claim to be the authority. They are all working for their pay cheques.

The BoT posted their certified certificate that confirms them as registered and highly recognised Board of Trustees of CCC worldwide in the Punch Publication, the best for the illegal BoT to have done was to counter with theirs. Did they do that? No! Instead both the lawyers, who should be truthful, are all saying Contempt against the Registered BoT. How now?

Even if we didn’t read more than ABCD, we perfectly understand one fact that maintaining the Status Quo simply means to keep things the way they presently are.  And the state of affairs that existed previously before the court was/is that Baba Banjo, Baba Akinterinwa, Baba Pius and the other two including Baba EMF himself as Chairman, are Board of Trustees.

So, if those who were and still are BoT then now display the certificate that truly certifies them as BoT, what is contemptuous about that? Mr. Agbejoro is just making them happy and at the same time milking them while smiling to the bank. We shall see.

The video herein does not give any sign of peace or unity, the people are just twirling lies to support their failed mission.


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2 responses to “EMF vs. Baba Banjo: Does This Look Like A Hug? See Video Evidence”

  1. Pro Asiwaju Olusheyi says:

    You are a Carry, gboski,woged

  2. Maria Adebanire says:

    I doff my heart for you guy, keep it up.

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