Emmanuel Oshoffa Is Not Mobiyina, I Have A Video Evidence- Rev. Shonekan

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The statement below mobiyina shonekanwas posted on Reverend Godwin Bolanle Shonekan reacting to the story we posted concerning the SFU invitation where a comment of the revered was culled and edited referring to Pastor Emmanuel Oshoffa as Mobiyina.

Rev. Shonekan later posted that he would never refer to Pastor Emmanuel Oshoffa as Mobiyina because he doesn’t know him to bear that name but Papa Oshoffa’s first son, Michael Mobiyina of blessed memory.

People are of the opinion that how much does Reverend Shonekan know? Will he know a person more than himself or is there anything  about Pastor Mobiyina Emmanuel Friday Oshoffa that he has against him? His followers and aides wish to know asap!

“Point of correction, I never referred to Alagba Emmanuel as “Mobiyina”, I know better that the first son of Papa S. B. J. Osofa, Michael of blessed memory was named Mobiyina as said by Papa himself in a video that I possessed and in person by Iiya, Alagba Emmanuel’s mother at Port Novo on a visit to her before her demise. This issue the Federal Agencies may need to clarify, just to be sure who is been interviewed.”

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14 responses to “Emmanuel Oshoffa Is Not Mobiyina, I Have A Video Evidence- Rev. Shonekan”

  1. EVAG OBALADE YEMi says:

    pls pls embrace peace alagba sonekan do love dis great church?if u do let uz think possitive

  2. Abiola says:

    This alagba Sonekan should just let the sleeping dog lie gently,what is this about again?If Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Oschoffa fancy and take up the name,I don’t think that should pose a problem to anybody now,abi kinni gbogbo eleyi paapa now,pls we want peace in our great church abegiii.

  3. Dada Timothy says:

    Bro. Shonekan Godwin Bolanle is absolutely right in his submission as per evidence. Even Edith Oshoffa also confirms this same story. Its no more news but a plot by some caucuss to fill the vacum left hence they brought him inn with smuggled name of Mobiyina. Bro shonekan, you are right. All the same he is SBJ Oshoffa son and undisputable, its better we accord the late founder respect by giving honour to his Son too. Rev. Emmanuel Friday remains our Pastor and Head.

  4. elijah igbayi abayomi says:

    god have already said dat u ll b the nxt, so carrying on sir god ll lead u 2ru.

  5. segun felix says:

    wahala de oooooo

  6. Ilerioluwa Elijah Julius says:

    Anybody is free to say anything the owner of the church come soonest to show the way and the light

  7. Evang Amaechi says:

    Shonekan is an agent of Satan

  8. Sup Ajayi says:

    Donekan is agent of destruction good celestian avoid him ingnore him.celestial ko baje lailai.

  9. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    The more we think we are getting closer to unity in our church, the more agents of hatred are throwing spanners into our very fabric to cause more disunity. Only God will pay all back. Many members are leaving the church and none of you is thinking on possible solutions. God will pay all according to our works of unity of disunity.

  10. prophet.Dare Busuyi says:

    i beg o, what is alagba sonekans head ache about this?Gbogbo wa ni yoo duro niwaju oluwa…

  11. G says:

    If rev shonekan is man of God he should learn how to control his knowledge about everything.

  12. akeem israel ismail says:

    Una don start again!

  13. T says:

    The fact still remains he’s Papa’s son

  14. Snr. Leader Adejoro says:

    Dere is fire on the mountain top…………..

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