Enchantment: How Prophet Snatched Man’s Wife Through Diabolical Means

December 28, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 2 Comments »

Fake ProphetWhen people surrender the totality of themselves to the prophet/prophetess they are looking for destiny disorder because when God does not give a message and you ask the prophet/prophetess, “What do you see?” He/she may give you information that is not from God. So surrender your life to Jesus.

Read this story and learn from it. It was touching and indeed a story we must read. This Parish is popular within Yaba/Ojuelegba, Lagos axis. The church, before now, had a prominent leader as their Pastor, his death, totally erased his good records from the apex body of the church, CCC, Worldwide.

We gathered a certain lady who was about to be married to her beau, a prominent Islamic practitioner. The lady, a known member of Celestial church of Christ came to the church for prayer to avert any unforeseen circumstance before, during and after her marriage only for this prophet of doom to have charmed the lady as she lost her sense of reasoning and never wanted to see her husband to be except when the ‘prophet’ was within reach.

The issue became so tensed to the extent that the man, whose family had sent out wedding invites for the Nikkai, came to the church to report the issue to the authority in charge. The agent of doom called prophet was summoned and it was discovered that he had enchanted the young lady and even got her pregnant in the process.

The marriage was aborted, the prophet was arrested and whiskered to the Police station where the law too its cause.  The pregnancy was not aborted because it was complicated, doctor said. Today, nothing is being heard about the prophet nor the young lady but the family of the highly disgruntled man on whose wife to be the spell was cast vowed never to have anything to do with followers of Christ.

2 responses to “Enchantment: How Prophet Snatched Man’s Wife Through Diabolical Means”

  1. Firstborn says:

    sir the story is not complete without the name of the parish

  2. yomi Newton says:

    so sad !!!!! need not blame the lady !!! it’s our system that need total rebirth. how would a visitor know a true prophet? what’s just been narrated is a big blow to all of us because as a Celestian ,I know what I face putting up defence of deeds unspeakable committed by our so called prophets and prophetesses.
    please let us know the church , the prophet to serve as deterrent to others, otherwise we are all liable!!!

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