The Enemies Of Celestial Church Of Christ Unveiled!

October 14, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 3 Comments »

sbj-oshoffaTo define what or who an Enemy is, we can say, it’s an unfriendly opponent, somebody who hates or seeks to harm you. And we can also call an enemy as a person or group, especially a military force that fights against another in combat. But for the purpose of this write up, an enemy here is something harmful or obstructive. Yes, something that opposes something.

So, when Fisayo Joel Jackson put his write up together and I saw the headline, I thought it necessary to flesh it up a bit.

I’ve sensed that Celestial Church can never be one, from the way I see things, it will take divine intervention for the church to be one. Of course, it’s His kingdom that we all pray for to take over the world notwithstanding, the doctrine of this great church has made it so hard for Celestial to be one or get out of the prevailing leadership tussle that has made the church so stagnant.

According to Fisayo, he said and I quote, “This is one of the Bible readings we recite every Sunday in all Celestial Church worldwide.

Here is the phrase “THE ENEMIES OF THIS CHURCH SHALL LICK THE DUST”. Right? Good! (Psalm 72:9)

Here comes the unique question: who are the enemies of this church called Celestial?

(1). The first enemy of this church is YOU, as a member of the church who is destroying the image of the church with your bad characters such: Threatening people with candles, engaging in fornication or adultery, drinking alcohol even in the church, etc.

(2). Those who preach against Celestial Church of Christ, surely they do, they tried as much as possible to condemn this church but they failed to realize that they can’t bring condemnation to the work of God.

Every members of this church must work hard with a pure heart not just mere saying; take responsibility for redefining the image of this great church.

I pray the God in His infinity mercy will grant us the real wisdom to do the right thing at the right time.

Remain blessed. “

As long as we still recite this portion of the Psalm, we’ll continue to remain disunited because we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. May God help us all!

3 responses to “The Enemies Of Celestial Church Of Christ Unveiled!”

  1. Sourou King says:

    Inability to understand God’s will has led us to this,and looking down at each other brought faction, everyone can’t be the leader but can be a forum of leaders, deceit, over ambition, wants to be noticed fame money women’s likes etc. Most factions today are by Papa’s prophets we all have work to do in restoring unity. You’ve done a great post.

  2. Michael Adewale Olubode says:

    If you are truly in spirit, please speak less and just watch. Halleluyah!

  3. Gbose Mautin says:

    Great post, may GOD help me to do my best….

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