Enemies Of Celestial Church Will Lick The Dust: Who Can Say Amen?

June 6, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 2 Comments »

When one of the vessels God is using in this church for its advancement called my attention to a pressing issue concerning the leadership of this church I told her to tarry a while because God is already passing through the church, CCC. The vision is now and I am just sorry for those who have in one way or the order brought the church to relegation with all manners of ungodly behavior.

Liz Ebony, on her page wrote, “Well, I don’t see any reason why you should continue staying in a place like CCC when you are not comfortable with the way things are.

If Celestial Church is not conducive enough or anymore for you, please take your leave, don’t complain.

Some keep on saying the Church is bad, but they will never leave and they won’t allow the better people who want to serve God serve with peace in the church.

And those who keep on saying the Church is bad are actually the bad eggs in the church to be flushed out. These are people who joined the church when they had one trouble or another and are saved by that special Grace of Jehovah but now, the church is now fetish inclined. Now they are full and the next thing to do is to speak badly of the church. God is watching you

If the church is not doing well, then the reconstruction of the wellness is left for you and Ito do because we are the Church. If you present yourself and represent the church well and I do the same then it goes a long way taking the church to its original state.

We all know that the enemies of this church will lick the Dust and will never find peace unless they repent be it the elders or the youths. How many of us can say Amen to this? I am sure it’s just 1 out of 100 because all of us are involved in this, from head to toe.  For those who worship without adding anything to it, they will always find the Goodness and Mercy of God. Curse be upon those who curse the Anointed vessel who are doing all they can to bring the consciousness of the people into building a standard church of the most High God.

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2 responses to “Enemies Of Celestial Church Will Lick The Dust: Who Can Say Amen?”

  1. Bennie Taiwo says:

    No mata wt pple say Iba rere tabi ibi ere ise’re ni iwo yio gba.

  2. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Sow and reap is not only about karma ,it’s all about us. We lack what we don’t have while we have everything. Whatever we think is lacking within the church is all about us not sharing and living what’s in our inheritance. Of a truth, Celestial Church is a complete church. We just need to go back to the first principle ! Love.

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