Errors Committed By Baba Banjo For Installing Rev EMF As Pastor

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Error Number One

“This is to inform the Commission that a new Pastor has been appointed by Celestial Church of Christ in the person of Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa.”

The 1980 CCC Constitution did not say Celestial Church of Christ is empowered to appoint the successor to the Pastor Founder. That is the duty of the Holy Spirit. Another major problem was that this letter did not say how he was appointed. Did the Holy Spirit appoint him per Section 111 of the Constitution with verifiable proofs? From what we know, there is nothing concrete to show that the Holy Spirit chose EMF. Our investigation indicates as some had said that they received 43 messages before choosing EMF. But there are no forty-three messages in support of EMF anywhere, according to our findings. Where are the documents to buttress their claim? Everything has come to the open now.

Error Number Two
“At the Pastor-in-Council (highest decision-making organ of Celestial Church of Christ) meeting held on the 9th January 2003, it was unanimously resolved that the said Rev Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa be appointed as a Trustee of Celestial Church of Christ, and as Pastor, automatically becomes the Chairman Board of Trustees.”

The constitution did not empower the Pastor-in-council to unanimously or otherwise appoint a pastor or, for any reason, appoint a Trustee at all. The reason why we are having this discussion is that we still don’t seem to understand that the Holy Spirit is the person to appoint and the Pastor-in-Council is to identify, acknowledge and accept after thorough verification. You cannot automatically become the chairman Board of Trustees without meeting the requirements of the 1980 CCC Constitution.

Section 144 of the 1980 CCC Constitution reads:
“Members of the Board shall be appointed in writing at the sole discretion of the Pastor and shall continue in office until their appointment is revoked in writing by the Pastor.” This section refers to a genuine Holy Spirit Chosen successor Pastor, not to impostors like EMF.

EMF’s major problem is that the Holy Spirit did not choose him per section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution. The llaro court already decided that case in 2015. Therefore, he is not a genuine Pastor. As an illegitimate Pastor, he cannot legally function in the Pastor’s office. He does not have any legal power to do anything.

The truth is that Baba Banjo has more power than the illegitimate Pastor. To clarify, genuine gold is better than fake gold, no matter how big is the fake gold.

His appointment by Members of the Pastor-in-Council as chairman of the Board of Trustees and Pastor is unconstitutional, null, and void. The registered Trustees could have done a better job running the church until the arrival of the Holy Spirit’s chosen successor. They made a mistake out of pressure and desperation to have brought a spiritually empty vessel to occupy such a high position and thereby trigger a state of administrative convulsions and unrest for the Worldwide Church.

When the person appointed or chosen by the Holy Spirit is recognised and identified based on the fulfilment of Section 111 of the Constitution, he will be able to set the record straight and correct whatever needs to be updated with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Error Number Three
The most significant error was to have made Rev. EMF Pastor because he was the stub of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, according to earlier disclosures by Baba Nunayon. If the Pastor’s appointment were to be by inheritance or seniority, the Holy Spirit would have stated that in the constitution. Nowhere in the constitution is it written that the position of the Pastor should be inherited by Oshoffa’s children or by seniority in the Church hierarchy. That has been the main challenge all along. The Holy Spirit led Papa SBJ Oshoffa to write the Constitution to safeguard against church thugs and
the “mafia” that would plan to hijack the Holy Church for their gains.

Error Number Four
Yours faithfully,
Senior Evangelist S.O. Banjo
Sen Evangelist 0.0. Ogunlesi
MSE O.A. Adefeso

The Trustees and the Members of the Pastor-in-Council chewed more than they could bite by taking it upon themselves to appoint a pastor and make him the Chairman of the Board of Trustees automatically, without following the due process of Section 111 of the constitution. Their actions were contrary to Section 144 of the 1980 CCC Constitution. What they did was done under pressure, supposedly to avoid having a vacuum of the pastoral seat.

They made a wrongful appointment based on a misinterpretation of the Constitution and misunderstanding of the vision of the Pastor Founder. There is nowhere in the Constitution that says the Pastor will be chosen by Prophecy or Trustees. Unfortunately, since Rev. EMF was a spiritual neophyte and an opportunist with no understanding of how things should be done, he joyfully accepted his newfound glory.

Any way we look at it, Rev. EMF was wrongly appointed and should give way for peace to be restored, so the church can move forward. The court already dethroned EMF in 2015. The church should understand that. I am not compelling you to understand, I am o ly trying to tell you to know the truth and stop following blindly.

Baba Banjo has since openly admitted in court that they made a significant flaw, and he was ready to correct the problem before he goes home to be with the Lord.


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