Evang. Johnson Must Be A Confused, Frustrated, Unstable-Minded Individual Looking For Cheap Publicity!- Petersen

July 4, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / 1 Comment »

“At a time we are looking at ways of redeeming the image of this great church by sensitizing members and the general public on the doctrine and spiritual components of the church, it is totally unacceptable for the so-called Evangelist Johnson to come out with such statements.

I have come to realise that Christians generally are too insensitive when it comes to religious beliefs and loyalty to the faith. This I give the Muslims a thumb up for.

How on earth will a follower says the founder of the church he believes in has committed sacrilege? For him to still be a member of the church, he must definitely be a confused, frustrated and unstable-minded individual, looking for cheap publicity!

It is unacceptable for anyone to idolize and worship any form of an image, irrespective. Papa Oshoffa never did that, anyway! I thought he would have presented proof of evidence to show where Papa Oshoffa idolized Mary or supported it.

All Papa emphasized was to have a day to honour the Mother of Jesus, who appeared to him to further dignify the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I want to draw our attention to page 32 of the constitution, Evang. Johnson intentionally misquoted the words of Papa Oshoffa. Papa or the constitution never depicted Our Lord Jesus Christ as a helpless and weak baby carried by a Powerful woman as he said.

As a matter of fact, on page 33, the constitution states and I quote: “this time, the fair lady opened up to show that what she was shielding away earlier was a baby having a “crown on His Head” and she said, pointing to the baby: Jesus yi emi mimo ni, okan mimo ni, Oba iye ni, Eniola ba fe sin gbodo tona to mo rekete!”

I wonder where Evang. Johnson saw his own interpretations depicting Jesus Christ as a “helpless and weak baby,” as expressed in his shameful and offensive article! This is nothing but “blasphemy!”

Therefore, I strongly condemn this article and the actions of the CNO, for failure to carry out due diligence before publishing this shameful and irresponsible article!

We should all speak out with one voice to make sure this Evang. Johnson is punished for this act in other to serve as a deterrent to others like him.

Enough is enough!

God bless.”

Evang. Petersen Aidomniyi


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One response to “Evang. Johnson Must Be A Confused, Frustrated, Unstable-Minded Individual Looking For Cheap Publicity!- Petersen”

  1. Olumide says:

    Jesu yii emi mimo ni , oba iye ni eni toba fe sin Jesu a tona to mo rekete
    What a great hymnn. Let that be rolling in the heart of ccc elders, shepherds, prophets , youths , pastors, mpic, Hod, venerables, state evangelists, BOTs that thought they are worshiping God with their evil mind for corruption, bad belle, lieing against the holy spirit to fulfill their selfish purpose. Eni to ba Fe sin Jesu a tona tomo rekete , go walk first on the path righteousness with God , perfectly without iniquity then I will take you serious but for now most of you are just dancing at the gate of hell, that is all I see in your adult esin and eleya that we are calling harvest for now, point me one soul that your last year embarrassing garthering to the throne of God has taken from the position of hell to heaven rather it was taken people from the righteous path to the wide path leading to hell…..ccc eronu ooo.

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