Even Married Women See Better People Than The Ones They Married! (Read This)

December 18, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 6 Comments »

shantel-omogbolaThis is a piece I read all over again before posting it. I saw it on Adesina Leke’s timeline and I thought you would have a great lesson to learn from it if shared. If it has taught you something leave a comment so others can share from your experience too. Enjoy your reading.

“I’ve been in relationships and I’ve found out that love does not guarantee the success of a relationship. Love cannot help you stick to one person. After all, cheating is not always a product of not loving your partner. In fact, loving someone does not guarantee not falling in love with another person. Relationships work out mostly because of our head not our heart, it works out because of emotional maturity, empathetic intelligence and self-discipline. You see, times will come when you will see people that are better than the person you’re in a relationship with.

In those times, love will not help you, emotional maturity, self-control, intelligence and commitment will help you. No matter how you feel for someone, the person you’re committed to ranks first in your life.

You think married people don’t see better people than the ones they married? You think they don’t feel funny sometimes? You think they don’t catch feelings? They do. But understand that commitment is greater than feelings; it’s a great arsenal to destroy that impulse.

You can fall in love with anyone but building a relationship takes absolutely more than what attracted you to them. It takes more than love. We’re too fond of loving when it’s convenient, when it’s sweet. We’re too fond of loving when love is there but that can only last for just the first 3-6 months of the relationship. After then, you’ll realise that the feelings have dropped, and it is now your responsibility to make it work, not love’s responsibility. Building a relationship is hard work, it’s like building a career, it’s like pursuing a dream. It’s always tough and sometimes can be so bitter but you can always make it work through hard work.”

6 responses to “Even Married Women See Better People Than The Ones They Married! (Read This)”

  1. akinsiku abigail says:

    good topic

  2. Queen Shantel says:

    Why use this picture for Christ sake?

  3. Remind Abioye says:

    That’s a very serious and good topic ,it requires the fear of GOD ,contentment and prayers truly .

  4. Mayowa says:

    Y this picture,

  5. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

    KUDOS to the writter of this Piece of Deep Emotional Understanding.


    *YeyeOlomoPlenty JesusBabe1luv CARES*

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