Every Celestial Member Is A Fool- Sup. Evang. Adejare Ajayi

August 28, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

Sup. Evang. Peter Ajayi is one of the shepherds God is using in the Celestial Church of Christ to perform wonders. He was well-Baba Ajayiknown in the entire Ibadan in Oyo State as Coke, the reason is because, he was the major distributor of Coca-Cola products in that part of the region. Then at Mokola, he was a delight of the members of the ancient parish. Superior Evangelist Peter Ajayi received the call of God and had to forfeit his distributorship and other things for the clarion call. Today, as a clergyman, Peter, is doing well and God is delivering a lot of people in captive through him at his Ade-Ogo Parish, Kola, Olubayo Bus Stop, Off Nuremi Yusuf area of Alagbado, Lagos. He discloses how he was called and why every Celestial member is a fool.

You may be wondering what that means, right? Hear him, “There are Celestian bodies and there are terrestrial bodies but the glory of Celestial is one while the glories of terrestrial are many, this earthly Celestians are fools. How do I mean, for you to be a real Celestian on this earth, you have to be meek and mild, you will be tagged ‘Suegbe’ a fool because you won’t do or act the way the world acts. As it’s being stated in 1st John 2:15. You will be peculiar in nature. Jesus Christ displayed this too when he was about to be arrested and with total humility to the calling of His father, Jehovah, He subjected himself to ridicule through the Holy Spirit, this is the exact way a true Celestian must act but my question is how many Celestians today are like that, you can only count but just a few.”

I guess he’s right, right?

2 responses to “Every Celestial Member Is A Fool- Sup. Evang. Adejare Ajayi”

  1. Olukoku Joseph says:

    He is right .You must b a fool for God in order to b wise,for a fool of God is better than d wise of this world

  2. Ev. Kunle Abraham says:

    Yes, he is right…100%.

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