Every Soul Shall Taste Death….Then You’ll Go Offline On Social Media!

September 16, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / Add Comment »

ayaoba-fitilaI love this new post of AyaOba Aderonke Eyinju Eledumare and I thought of sharing it with you family.


You will go offline on Facebook, you will go offline on whatsApp,

you will go offline on viber, you will go offline on tango,

you will go offline on twitter and you will also go offline on instagram.

Your phone number will be off.

You will no longer comment on posts or even

receive messages or information from family and friends.

Your friends, family and even your enemies will cry

because there will be no more you. But you know what

will remain when you are gone? The Bible that you

have refused to read will be online. Your daily prayers will be online.

Your tithe will be online. Your good deeds will be online.

Your fasting will be online.

All the things that you did for the sake of God will be

online with you inside the grave. Let all of us think about this.

Eventually we are all going to die.

Because death is upon every living thing and every

soul shall taste death! Why not prepare for that time?

Because that time it will be only you. Why not stop

being afraid of people? Why not stop being afraid of

what people will say? Why don’t you take decisions that

will benefit you on the day of judgement? Why don’t you

take decisions that will help you in the grave? Why not

please God and have eternal happiness, fun and

enjoyment? Remember; Every soul shall taste death and face judgement.

May God help us all. Amen.

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