When You Are Faced With Challenges Of Life, God Is Preparing You For Greatness

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Challenges of LifeHave you ever been rejected, treated unjustly, let down by a friend or found yourself in some other frustrating situation?

But first Joseph went through a very tough time. It was all part of his training. He had been rejected by his brothers, treated unjustly and put in prison. Yet his suffering was still not at an end.

Prison must have been an extraordinarily frustrating place for a man of Joseph’s talents. He was in his twenties, in the prime of his life. He did not know whether he would ever be released. I am not a very patient person. I think I would have gone mad with frustration.

Yet, in fact, God was preparing Joseph for something great. It probably did not feel like that at the time. By feeding fellow prisoners in a jail, God prepared Joseph to feed the nations from a palace.

Through all your suffering, trials and tribulations, God is preparing you. Joseph had grown in wisdom. As a result, he came up with a plan that enabled the people to navigate through a period of great economic recession and turmoil. Many of us face all kinds of economic difficulties at the moment. God’s help and wisdom may not always change the situation, but they will help you navigate through the struggles you face.

Lord, thank you for the way in which you use the difficult times in my life. Help me to grow in wisdom, be confident in you and navigate through the challenges of life.

Mary Shofowora.

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