Fact Or Fiction: Mixed Reactions Trail Ketu/Jorotom’s Case

May 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 12 Comments »

The only thing more shocking than the truth is the lies people tell to cover up their deeds. When a man tells a lie once, all his truths become questionable. Between these two parties, we do not know who is stating the truth since there is an order by the court to wait till details from the court concerning the siting of today is released.

However,  as earlier stated that #CNO shall update you on latest development concerning the legal battle between the Ketu authority and one of the BOT members of the church, Celestial Church of Christ, Sup. Evang. Rotimi Omotosho Jorotom, we have been intimated that the details of the court proceedings won’t be ready until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, these are different views from both camps but we will be awaiting official documentations of the court proceeding tomorrow.

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12 responses to “Fact Or Fiction: Mixed Reactions Trail Ketu/Jorotom’s Case”

  1. Adebare says:

    Does maintaining status quo means the case is dismissed. It’s Ayo Shonekan that is using this fake name to post at CNO, that fool at his age that has no wife nor child. The remnantz he gets from Pius has been used to take away his destiny. He dey feel too important, Pius wey just collect 2 yrs from him, e dey do Bobo for am because he give am 3rd used car. I sorry for your future because after this season, you go all go hungry. You better start doing things better now with credible Osofa’children. You betrayed Tosho but he didn’t feel bad because you are a basted who also betray his elder brother, Godwin Bolanle Shonekan. Igbeyin loju o

  2. Arewa says:

    Status Quo Law and Legal Definition. Status quo generally refers to the existing state of affairs or circumstances. A status quo order may be issued by a judge to prevent any of the parties involved in a dispute from taking any action until the matter is decided
    What is the court a quo?
    What is the status quo?
    How do you use status quo in a sentence?
    Status Quo Law and Legal Definition. Status quo generally refers to the existing state of affairs or circumstances. A status quo order may be issued by a judge to prevent any of the parties involved in a dispute from taking any action until the matter can be resolved.
    The Latin term “status quo” refers to the existing state of circumstances. In the legal system, a judge has the authority to issue a status quo order to prevent anyone from taking any action until the matter can be heard and resolved by the court. This is meaning of status quo in d legal dictionary…. Definitely that case was not dismissed. We know who is lying but our worry should be the judges’advise. Seek for mediation before 5th June or law takes its course. We should be thinking of steps to reconciliation instead of all these worthless arguments and vice versa attacks. More about the peace of CCC and less bout all these ego, selfishness and politics. Less of us and more of the interest of the church

  3. OMO lefi says:

    Missiom Adande u can do better with your use of English and please everyone has a private life, leave awonuusy private life out of this. Anyone who has nothing to hide shod comment with his real name like seven and some few do here.

  4. Mission says:

    At the end of this all we will be seeking for forgiveness, it would have been better not to meddled with what you know noting about sooner than we think the truth shall be revel to the outside world,be it personality attack or what ever u call it its only time that will tell. But I would only plead that the reporter of CNO on ground has i was told shd post the proceeding at the court at list the reporter was in d court room and the said shonekan or what did u call him was not inside and also the Rev in Cele should leave U.S of agbeloba in ABK and show up in court has ppl of repute had done who is killing the truth and who is saying the truth will be known soon. You where in government for 13 years you did not stop the acclaim 4,000 to a graduate, you where chairman of a committee that fund where allegedly mismanage under ur watch for over 15 years the whole member don’t have detailed reports on income and expenses, don’t worry oju oluwa nwo Ise OWO wa, with or without u people the church shall fulfill purpose

  5. Alex O says:

    It’s only a matter of time. Iro laiye mo o , orun o gbeke.

  6. Awonoussy David Oluwasegun says:

    I Oluwasegun David Awonoussy says, clear conscience fears no accusation, no amount intimidation or image denting can deter my struggle for truth, the more you castigate me, take note that the more I am empowered.Accusing me of theft In many varieties. I have repeatedly asked you people to approach court of law with facts. Am always available. Am an achiever today, not into diabolical activities but I’m hell bent to expose you all till those evil acts is stopped. If anyone has fact against me on bribery or whatever and with all acquired properties or embezzle CCC money, charge me to court or remain silence and incapacitated for life in your blasphemy. If I can be comtempted with 4k as a graduate for 8 years and later additional 2k on it as salary, sorry, by this indisputable facts, I’m bold to expose all atrocities beneath, committed by filthy authorities. Season film coming out gradually

  7. Maria Ikumapayi says:

    Information reaching me shows that a disguise name is used to perpetrate comments. Why will a Calvary brought up Man decends so low leaving his infertility issue behind to become an errand boy for his mate? Someone hinted me now that he is behind the Personalty attack but where is his prophetess wife whom he wasted her years without child till date and also no wife in his Home?

  8. Henry Salvation says:

    Can someone dissect mathematically and analysis of what the CNO posted and aberration to normalcy by Mission Adande ?

  9. Johnson Fadaunsi says:

    We are now seeing that some comments are biased here, I stumble on such allegation against the man Awonoussy who also asked one Elijah to bring the fact out and charge him to court. In Adande mission comment, it clearly shows immaturity in display instead of denouncing Rev Awonoussy claim tactically through contradictory statements you both posted, A dismissed case, also adjourned till 5th of June, You made us to understand how you are castigating and assassinating a person’s image. Well, Go and deal wIIth the issues at hand, not personal home affairs. Treat what Shonekan wrote online as against brief report of the latter. Who is fooling who now, Literate or Illiterate? More so, we read every people’s comments that denounce such behaviour in that Awonoussy, both men and women wrote it before One Elijah removed it, So who is now saying the truth? I can now see that bunch of idiots occupies your seat deviating from the Original post. Many people says no to that allegation. Bring more out. I can now see why he is being persecuted for saying the truth. Another man said, Segun can never do such, a classmate of his named Debi and One Tosin Famosinpe also wrote and many others, the Man is in USA as said but monitoring you, only God knows why he fled from you people? It shows you can assassinate him for opening most of the secrets on the media.

  10. Mission Adande says:

    I can now see the high level of ur bias @celestial news,u do have a reporter at the court and Awonusi was not at the court Shonekan was at the court who is fooling who. It was confirmed that joro requested for speedy hearing and is lawyer did not served all the defendant notice of the court which the judge proved that they are not ready and the respondent in there kind hearted ness did not demand for any claims,for this reason the plaintiff requested that he need to do so b4 the case is heard and also the defendant said they could go on with the case.but the judge said deu process has to be followed, and a motion was move by the plaintiff so has to rectify and the judge said since they are not ready the status quo should remain has it was b4 the case was brought to him in April. So who is now a lier. Anyway time will tell,even at the court joros lawyer was trying to said d reason for the agitation was that the founders family where not properly taken care off.which the judge and respondent throw away has an after thought and it was not part of the case. All I want you all to know is soneer we will know who is a lier is it acclaim rev awonousy who stole mobile FONE at Ondo that was on record, or he has forgotten that he has no stable home how he maltreted is wife or how is father bring to disarray ccc IFO 1,he that has no single worshipper in is church. Don’t worry the judge said it all that why are u bringing ur case before the sinners anyway is cos they don’t have good reputation.

  11. Truthalwaysprevails says:

    I am not a lawyer but what Shonekan wrote appears to be very contradictory because to maintain status quo means things should stay the way they are and a status quo order is issued by a judge to prevent any of the parties involved in a dispute from taking any action until the matter can be resolved. To the best of my understanding this means the church or the BOT cannot take any actions especially in relation to the Church”s bank account which is one of the issues in this case till the matter is decided. This order halts the functions and powers of the BOT till case is determined by the court. I await a copy of the said order for a clearer picture of what transpired in court. The truth always wins.

  12. Revd. Oluwasegun David Awonoussy says:

    I will be the last person on earth to mislead CCC members on this present issue. I await to post the granted injunction paper after being applied for by Jorotom lawyer on status quo granted as all Church Accounts in question has been halted till the final determination of the case brought before law court. I believe in fact and documents. I will never spread rumours. So it’s time to write on this as soon as I lay hand on the fact. Dispel any rumour from whatever quarters. Demand for evidence if anyone feeds you lie.

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