Facts We Must Know About Our Church At This Crucial Time By ‘Pastor’ Bolanle G. Shonekan

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shonekanI got this from the page of ‘Pastor’ Shonekan, sharing it with you came to mind. It’s something you need to read, assimilate and form your opinion about his submission if it is right or right.

“Not to start another argument but to clarify what is the major problem causing the division in Celestial Church of Christ that others are finding it hard to absorb.

The “Church”, a voluntary community affairs, where people within the community congregate for the purpose of advancement of religion, charitable, educational and any other related and corresponding charitable purposes by the distribution of its funds for such purposes. The Church in this case, “Celestial Church of Christ” is a not-for-profit corporation”, organized solely for general religious and related education and charitable purposes pursuant to Part C, Sections 673 and 679 of Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, corresponding provisions of laws, which is currently in effect or in the future under the Federal Republic of Nigeria Corporate Laws.

In the Americas and many civilized societies of the world, this kind and similar charter allowed for community participation by making tax deductible donations to the Church or its duly organized affiliates, it is in no way inheritable or owned my any individual, group(s), family or association(s). In United States of America, this is the charter sought and acquired by Celestial Church of Christ, Diocese of the Americas through the United States Internal Revenue Service (The US IRS) that had issued an Ecumenical Status, a Grand Tax Exemption, under Sections 6501(c)4, 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) or 509(a)1 and 509(a)2, and the common 501(c)3 as authorized by a duly executed Resolution of the Registered Trustees of Celestial Church of Christ, Nigeria Diocese. Simple translation, the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide is bound by it and it is our duty to adhere to the law it is governed by.

The major conflicting assumption that the children of Papa Samuel Bilewu Joseph Osofa should inherit the title and office of the Pastor is a double edge sward, while it sounded sentimental and interest serving that we care for Papa Osofa and the family he left behind, we are forgetting the role of the church as voluntary community affairs that requires the cooperation of the community in order to continue to exist. If Churches were to be inherited by the family of the founder, what do we say about the Landlord Shepherds who one way of the other believes that they too own their parishes, which lead to a greater question, the community of congregations that worship in those churches that voluntarily give to the churches? This ideas and assumption had destroyed Celestial Church of Christ tremendously as the parishioners had stopped giving and reluctant about making contributions as they use to.

What is your defense, since your believe is that Papa’s children should inherit Celestial Church of Christ, when the children of a Landlord Shepherd take over the Church after the death of their father, sell off the Church or change the church to another denomination and leaving the community of congregant that worship at the church under Celestial Church of Christ banner to start all over again? Tell me…! What says you about morality or lack of it as it concerns this particular issue, how do anyone fashion out unity if the Landlord Shepherds were to continue grooming their children as successor to their throne as in the case at hand?

It had been wrong from the beginning but should not continue to be so. It is clear to all that Papa never intended for his children to inherit Celestial Church of Christ, the reason why Shepherd Ebenezer ‘Bodunrin Osofa isn’t so popular amongst the children of Papa Osofa and our sister Edith alike, because they believed it was not the desire of Papa to transfer the ownership of the Church he did not claim, to them. This has been the base that many of the factions hanged their arguments on, that the Church should not be inherited by Papa’s children. I had been faced with this issue on many occasions and tried to make sense of it and put up defense for what I could not substantially agree with. It became an issue I sometimes refused to address and work away from because of the sentiment and sensitivity that is associated with it.

But let’s face the fact, this issue I would have expected the family themselves to resolve, either by sitting with Shepherd Ebenezer Osofa and Prophetess Edith Osofa and the rest of the family to find a way of resolving the issue amicably. It will not settle well with many Landlord Shepherds if we expect them to see the Church as voluntary community based organization that requires the financial support, willful contributions and donations from the community, but on the other hand say that the family of Papa Osofa are the sole heirs to the seat of the Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ, when it is not so clearly stated in a spiritual message that an offspring of Papa Osofa or a sitting Pastor shall be enthrone as Pastor at a time chosen for it to happen.”

4 responses to “Facts We Must Know About Our Church At This Crucial Time By ‘Pastor’ Bolanle G. Shonekan”

  1. Leader Aderoju says:

    Huunm it’s expected in the church. I believe that Satan is just using what is not to trouble the supremacy of the church as the Last boat of salvation. When I joined the church in the late 80s I confess even before anybody tells me that this church is a Devine arrangement of our Lord JesusChrist as seen in our hynm no 330 second verse. But you see the solution is not far fetched, if truly our leaders and the whole Celestial members world wide are truly committed to the unity of the church as we claims we should forget about having any pastor or pastors for now. I mean every body or person calling themselves pastor every where in the world should drop the idea, off the cloth and go back humbly and start putting on the rank of a leader. No more pastor for now.
    Secondly, no money should be taken to any headquarters in the name of ipin again for now. No more anoitments for now. Or what’s need of our anoitment that has no value again. Let all the churches every where become one, no more factions our Shepherd should have only the rank of leader only and the rest members should be wearing assistant leader downward.
    Lastly we should all use our yearly congregation at Imeko to pray to God for forgiveness and guidance from God. All night praise for 3 days every year for the next 7years. If some people can organize the so much talked about LULI praise night that make even the pastor M. E. OSHOFFA to come all the way from Imeko, why can’t we organize such event to praise God, glorify His majesty for like 3 days. Nothing but praise and worship to God for those 3 days at Imeko or any other place we set aside for such gathering. No body as pastor or any other rank apart from a leader down ward to humble ourselves before the almighty God. Am so sure Almighty Jehova will reveal Himself to us mightily and show us the way we should go.
    But trust our people. Our elders and so call leaders, the spirit of arrogant and pride coupled with the love of money will not allow the to humble themselves in front of the Lord Almighty.
    So my people it’s not easy I know but not impossible. Celestial will be back on track and to the old glorious days. AMEN.

  2. HMSE Giwa Olu Adebayo-Daniel says:

    It is rather unfortunate that the blanket statement of papa Oshoffa was capitalised upin by oppurtunist people who are pisition drunk. You and I know that Celestial church is hierachical we all know where stand in the hierachy of the church unless God Himself spiritually bring in somebody to lead. That clause that papa did not give
    cause problem in the church.
    If one is asked to represent in US or UK does that make one to be the pastor.

    oluwa nwo ise reiba se rere tabi ibi ere ise re ni iwo yio gbadoes tgat make

  3. Olufayose Crystal says:

    whatever the storm hitting this last boat of salvation as a result of wrong & short sighted leadership struggles…….! which I know that God allowed to prevail before the appearance of the rising “arm of celestial Glory ” such an individual kept behind the corridor of honor like David who suddenly appeared on the day of prophet Samuel’s royalty visit in the house of David! those we considers qualified today may disappointedly end up seeing the true PASTOR in newness of glory! do not be deceived! celestial church is one…..! enough of these pseudo pastors.

  4. Bro Olaseni Oresanya says:

    The truth about the conflict happening in Celestial Church is that we do not allow the Holy Spirit in the church such that it is the Holy Spirit that will choose the leader of the church. It is possible the leader of the church is an unbeliever

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