We Have Failed To Ask Questions, That’s Why The Church Is Facing Internal Crisis- Akinleye

April 29, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

At #CNO, ‘Star Comments’ are given priority to grace the cover of the site. This has become an in-house style we have adopted. We had Barrister Famakinwa’s comment in the morning but this evening our Star Comment is from a member of the church who gave his name as Akinleye Emmanuel. We are bringing his comment up for all to read and share.

“Mr Bisola, thank God you agreed that mismanagement is a citizen in Celestial Church, and if not for this blog, nobody would not know that Baba Banjo collected N60 million, if not for this blog, nobody would know the issue of forgery in our church, if not for this blog, nobody would know what Hon. Judge Faaji said in the court. Obviously if you join blog that CAC members belong to, you will see different stories concerning CAC church too.

Mr Bisola, do you know that a lot of Celestial members don’t know about the mismanagement issue, issue of striking off their cases in court that is happening in Celestial as at today. We seriously need to clean our house for outsider to respect us, some people see us as un-serious elements but if we don’t tell ourselves the truth in order to put our house in order then we are deceiving ourselves.

Standardisation has to be in place for the new member to be sincere and show commitment to the work of God, but in a situation when leaders fail to rule by example and we choose not to address those issues all in the name that outsider will not take us seriously then we are just deceiving ourselves.

Various people have failed to ask question and that is why the church is facing internal crisis; Don’t let us cover our mistakes so that the unborn generation of Celestial Church of Christ will be happy with us.”

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